What photos should I have on Hinge? TikTok expert matchmaker explains exactly what to use

Please whatever you do, just take your sunglasses off

One of the hardest parts of making your Hinge, or any dating app account, is trying to decide what photos you should use for your profile. But now all our prayers have been answered, because a professional matchmaker has made a TikTok video explaining EXACTLY what you should use for every single Hinge pic you have on your profile.

Matchmaker Maria, a professional matchmaker on TikTok, has set out rules for the exact vibe every single one of your five Hinge photos should have, so now you never have to sit agonising over your Camera Roll ever again.

Here’s what every single one of your Hinge profile photos should be:

Maria says your first photo should be of you looking into the camera, smiling, with no sunglasses or hats on.

Your second photo should be a full-body shot, and your third should be a casual pic of you. Your fourth should be of you doing something fun and adventurous, and have a photo with a pet for your fifth photo.

Maria’s TikTok video explaining what your Hinge photos should be has been watched over 1.2m times and is full of comments from people saying they’ve tried her method out. One said: “I did this on my own on Hinge and the results were astounding. Dates left and right, and now a potential long-term relationship.”

Another commenter wrote how they’d heard Hinge and other dating app pictures should be in order of “‘hot, hot, fun, fun, funny’, whatever those descriptors mean to you”, to which Maria replied saying: “Basically”.

People are also using the sound from Maria’s TikTok video to show off their own Hinge profiles and what photos that have used.

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