Cal the Dragon Simple Simon beef

Explained: The Cal the Dragon, Simple Simon, Astrid Wett and Ed Matthews TikTok beef

‘This will be a Netflix documentary one day’

There’s beef on TikTok, guys, and it’s complicated. I’ve been struggling to make head nor tails of it. You’ve probably seen the cinematic trailers of the beef and the evolution into the all out war it’s about to become, the trailers are truly Academy Award worthy and make the Marvel Cinematic Universe look like child’s play. It centres around four key players: Cal The Dragon, Astrid Wett, Simple Simon and Ed Matthews. Here’s the entire Cal The Dragon and Simple Simon beef explained, from beginning to where we are now. Buckle up, it’s quite the ride.

An overview of who is involved

Okay – like I said, four key players. First up is Cal The Dragon, who has a whopping 1.4million followers on TikTok and is a football fanatic from Nottingham. His content is a lot of goalkeeping and going live, talking about footie. He’s 21. Next up is Astrid Wett – an OnlyFans model and football fan who seems to somewhat be the object of everyone else’s desires – she’s got 396k on TikTok. Thirdly, and the most villainous by a country mile, is Simple Simon. Simon Colbran is a 51 year old football coach with 149k followers, branded by Cal the Dragon as “irrelevant”.

Finally, we have Ed Matthews, a 546k follower TikTok account who has had some history with Astrid (they hung out at a rave) and who is known for his flirty Instagram lives. An unlikely hero, not the one we wanted but the one we truly needed.

What has actually happened?

It’s important to note that Cal the Dragon was already an established figure in the TikTok scene. He had a big following. Remember that. This all began when Astrid went live with Cal the Dragon, and asked him if he had a girlfriend. The comment section was alive with everyone saying Cal the Dragon was on the graft with Astrid, especially as she asked him if he had a girlfriend. What continued from here was the two collabing on various football TikToks. Ed Matthews called Astrid out on this on a live, and accused her of using Cal’s internet clout to further her own career (she denies this, and says they’re just mates and she doesn’t need Cal’s help to be big online).

@edmatthewswoody @Ed matthews @Ed Matthews #utrynaholdthiswood #game #edmatthews #oakwood ♬ original sound – edmatthewswoody

Enter Simple Simon, everyone’s favourite coattail rider. Footage of Simple Simon saying that Cal the Dragon telling Ed Matthews on a live  “You know for a fact, Ed, that I would do anything for Cal”, like he had a father’s love for him, circulated. What happened next nobody could prepare for… Simon and Astrid met up. They said they’d had a TikTok date and were going on a second. They started making content together in the final days of January, even seemingly taunting Cal with Simon’s pinned TikTok that was captioned “When you’re living other guys dreams”.

@simple.simon.8 More content coming soon @astridwett69 👀 #foryoupage #viral #foryou #trending #viral ♬ Up by Olly murs. – 💙 Havy 💙

This enraged Ed Matthews, who declared Simon and Astrid snakes and called both of them out on different lives. Cal himself has said to leave Simon and Astrid alone, with many (including Ed) believing he can’t see through their intentions, as many feel like the two are just clout chasing off Cal. Hence why it’s so important to know Cal the Dragon was the biggest account before all the Simple Simon beef went down.

What’s happening next?

The biggie: Ed Matthews and Simple Simon are going to have a fight. The date is to be confirmed, but these two TikTokkers will one hundred percent be scrapping it out. Ed is unbelievably confident he is going to win, as is Simon, but if you ask me the latter seems considerably more nervous. Astrid herself seems to be loving it, posting a video saying “When a 19 year old and a 51 year old are boxing each other all because of you” on her @astridwett6 TikTok account.

TikTok creators have been fusing all the clips from this saga into mega trailers to build hype and drama for the fight – which has been described by many as “better than Eastenders”. Nobody can believe TikTok remains free when the beef that’s going down like this between Cal the Dragon, Simple Simon, Astrid Wett and Ed Matthews is so riveting. BRING ON THE FIGHT!

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