Here are the wildest Euphoria fan theories doing the rounds on social media right now

Can’t look at Elliot the same any more

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve been watching Euphoria. And as if the show wasn’t wild enough already, a load of fan theories have been blowing up on social media that will completely change the way you watch the show. HBO is no stranger to complex storylines – anyone else still recovering from Game of Thrones? – but these theories add a whole new layer to the series. Without further ado, here are the wildest Euphoria fan theories doing the rounds on social media right now:

1. Rue has been dead this entire time

A fan theory that Rue has been dead for the entire duration of the show has been gaining traction on social media. Way back in season one episode one, Rue was introduced as recovering from an overdose, but since then fans have been wondering if that overdose actually killed her and she’s been narrating the show from beyond the grave ever since.

This makes sense especially when considering that she seems to have an all-knowing perspective into all the characters’ lives – and although the theory is gaining popularity now that season two is airing, it’s been around since 2019, when this Entertainment Weekly article questioned why Rue seems to know everything about every character.

Oh, yeah, and when she returns to school in the first episode, people literally say, “I thought you were dead” when they see her.

Last week, Rue and Jules recreated famous scenes from movies and artwork, including Titanic, Ghost and Brokeback Mountain. Fans quickly realised that there’s a similarity between almost all the characters that Rue plays – they’re all dead.

There’s also the fact that Rue herself admits to being an unreliable narrator. “There are a couple of versions of what happened that night. It all depends on who you ask, and to be honest, I’m not always the most reliable narrator,” she said. How are we meant to trust the fact that she’s still alive?

Some fans are also convinced that Rue is dead by the amount of drugs she does throughout the show – like, seriously, if she was alive wouldn’t they be doing severe damage?

If this theory is true, though, we won’t find out until the end of the show.

2. Elliot is actually the third Jacobs brother

Fans realised that there was a third Jacobs sibling in season one, in which Cal Jacobs takes a photo of his wife and three sons. Nate and his older brother Aaron can be seen, but there’s no explanation for the third brother.

Hints towards the existence of a third brother appeared again in season two, which proved to fans that he wasn’t a mistake. Plus, Cal says,”we all have secrets” as he removes the photo from the wall. Is it possible that Elliot was the result of an extra-marital affair?

3. Laurie sex-trafficked Rue

This theory came after the fifth episode of season two, in which Rue stays at Laurie’s house and Laurie drugs her with morphine.

When Rue wakes up, she’s completely disorientated and has no idea how long she’s been passed out for. Some fans think she was unconscious for days, and during this time Laurie sold Rue’s body in order to recover her money.

This explains why there are multiple marks on Rue’s arm from the needle, as Laurie would have needed to drug her repeatedly to keep her asleep for long enough. It also explains Laurie telling Rue that “women always have something else to offer” with regards to making money.

4. Maddy is pregnant with Nate’s baby

It’s obvious that Maddy wants a baby. In the third episode of season two, she tells her friends that she’d look “so sexy pregnant” while rubbing her stomach. She also spent her spare time working as a babysitter and forming a bond with the boy she was looking after.

Plus in episode four, in the hot tub scene, Maddy reveals that Nate had told her that he wants her to “have his babies.”

Fans think that if Maddy had fallen pregnant, she would have kept the baby in order to make Nate stay with her instead of Cassie, in the same way that his father had to sacrifice love for a sudden pregnancy.

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