Ranked: The Euphoria characters from least to most fashionable

I want to steal all of Fez’ colourful polo shirts

Euphoria: the tv show with the world’s most attractive cast. Every character from here is either really hot or really psychologically damaged – often, they’re both. I mean, anything with Zendaya, Hunter Schafer or Alexa Demie in it is going to be iconic. This show is filled to the brim with the most fashionable characters to ever grace my television screen – the way they’re dressed has got me itching to raid their wardrobes. So without further ado, here is my definitive ranking of all the Euphoria characters from least to most fashionable:

8 – Nate


Nate is a lot of things. He’s the popular jock. He’s everyone’s favourite toxic boyfriend. He’s also the epitome of daddy issues. But one thing he definitely isn’t is a fashion icon. 

Nate rotates roughly about three colours in his wardrobe: blue, grey and black. If he wasn’t so tall and well-built he would actually be a nobody. I guess Jacob Elordi has a nice face and all, but the only scene where I’ve thought, “wow, that outfit looks good on him,” is when he wore like, one Adidas jumper. Says it all really. 

7 – McKay


Mckay comes next because whilst his style is similar to Nate’s, he’s still pretty basic. He mainly wears hoodies and shirts, but he does have the occasional spicy jacket (like in the funfair episode). 

He’s mostly just a good-looking guy who isn’t as toxic and creepy and abusive as Nate, so I guess he’s alright. He wears some cool hoodies but he’s still far from being anywhere near a fashion icon compared to the other characters on the show. He dresses like every other stylish uni boy tbh – but nothing more. 

6 – Cassie

Cassie is an interesting one. Everyone knows she’s pretty and all, but when it comes to fashion? I’m not too sure. Yes, she has a couple cute tops and that Halloween episode back in season one did her very well – but that’s about it. 

Don’t get me wrong, she’s still an iconic character with plenty of gorgeous outfits, but when we compare her outfits to someone like Kat or Maddy, then there isn’t much there I’m afraid.

5 – Rue

Rue’s fashion is so underrated, and I will die on that hill. Or maybe I’m just biased cos it’s Zendaya. Either way, people often criticise Rue for her lack of drip – but I disagree. That’s just because we always see her dress down since she’s the narrator – but when she dresses up, she looks stunning. 

She’s casually fashionable with hardly any effort but still makes an impression. Her style is distinct with vintage shirts, bold blazers and glittery tops, but it’s her dad’s maroon hoodie that gets me in the feels every time. 

4 – Kat


Kat is pretty iconic. Whilst she annoyed me slightly back in season one, her edgy style stands out a lot. Whether it’s her corsets or chokers her darker vibes as a whole, when she walks down the school corridor all eyes are on her. 

And rightfully so. Even in season two, her lime green woolly cardigan and necklace gave me some serious Harry Styles vibes, and she totally rocked it. I’ve seen plenty of “How to dress like Kat from Euphoria” YouTube videos, so yeah. Safe to say she’s edgy enough to be remarkable. 

3 – Fez

Fez is another underrated fashion icon. He was so subtle and quiet back in season one that I completely glossed over how exciting he really was as a character.

But rewatching the series honestly got me pining over his bright collared tops, metal chains and oversized jumpers. He is definitely the funkiest drug dealer I’ve ever laid eyes upon and I would one hundred percent raid his wardrobe. He’s such a wholesome guy that I feel like he’d actually let me borrow a shirt or two. 

2 – Maddy


It is absolutely undisputed that Maddy Perez is an icon. She still scares me, but at this point, who cares? Maddy steals every scene that she’s in. Season two gave us a whole fashion montage for her too, one that I feel like we’re all really grateful for.

She trumps almost all her friends in the show, and is never underdressed either – even if she’s just wearing a tracksuit. She wore the most iconic black, glitter veil back in the season one finale, a very memorable purple outfit in the funfair episode (that made Nate very upset) and a stunning cutout dress in the season two pilot. She just doesn’t stop. 

1 – Jules


It was really close between Jules and Maddy, I’m ngl. But I think Jules wins this one because of her use of brighter, bolder colours, and the fact that her outfits are all more creative and put-together. 

Her bubbly personality and deep, vivid imagination is clearly reflected through what she wears. Her layered outfits are all extremely well thought out, even if she’s just chilling in her room or going to school. Her style is full of bright pink and purple skirts, tops with the most psychedelic assortment of colours and finished off with her Euphoria-trademark makeup. 

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