TikTok has discovered a new eye trick to prove whether or not you’re really in love

This could make Valentine’s Day awkward

The eyes are the windows to the soul and now, TikTok has discovered a new trick which proves it. People are claiming that when you look at someone or think about someone you love, your pupils will dilate. Now, there are loads of videos to show for it. But is this actually true? Well, we’re here to tell you.

TikTokers are using this trick to test whether they’re truly in love – with their partners even there to watch. The videos normally start with the individual thinking of something mundane, like school or homework. They go through a list of these before saying “now think of me” or “think of the person you love”. Supposedly, if your pupils dilate then that proves you really are in love.


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So does the TikTok eye trick actually prove if you’re in love?

So according to scientists, love is largely affected by the hypothalamus part of our brain, which is involved in our reward pathway. The hypothalamus can produce hormones such as dopamine when do you things you enjoy, such as spending time or thinking about someone you love.

The hormone norepinephrine is also released when we’re attracted to someone, and it’s the feeling that makes us excited and euphoric.

Similarly, oxytocin, also known as the “cuddle hormone,” is released from the hypothalamus during the attachment stage of a relationship, which is a large factor in long-term relationships and intimacies. According to Katherine Wu, large levels of oxytocin are released during precursors to bonding such as sex.

Each of these “love hormones” enhances pupil dilation, meaning that your pupils are likely to dilate when you look at someone you love.

There was even a study in 2012, where 325 men and women were recruited to watch erotic videos as their pupil size was monitored. The study found that the erotic videos led to pupil dilation among both sexes.

So in summary: yes, it really can show you’re in love.

However, if your partner’s pupils don’t dilate – don’t be alarmed. Although it’s true that some people’s pupils dilate when they’re excited or feeling love, it’s not true for everybody. Even if they did dilate, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s genuine – it could just be infatuation/lust.

In other words, dilation, or lack of it, is not a reliable indicator of somebody’s feelings. A better indicator would be how they act and how they treat you.


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