Right where are the black and pink meme houses? And what are they like inside?

The Barbie house looks very different

Some memes are only around for a day, we laugh and then they crash and burn never to be seen again. Others last a lifetime. They’re constantly recycled and reused for a variety of different scenarios such as the “woman yelling at cat” or “two men on a bus“. One evergreen meme currently having a resurgence is the black and pink houses meme, all thanks to Rihanna.

You know the one I mean. Two houses next to each other that couldn’t be further apart. On the left is a completely black house and right next to it is a pink and purple house which looks like it could be owned by Barbie.

It’s been used on Twitter and Instagram for years and the most recent use of it has been to compare Rihanna’s two pregnancy looks. The first is her bright pink Chanel look which she debuted her baby bump with and the second is an all black look. Basically she couldn’t have personified the two houses more perfectly.

But where did this meme come from? And are the houses real? Who lives in them? What are they like inside?

This is everything you need to know about the black and pink house meme:

Who posted the original black and pink house meme?

The meme which is also known as the Barbie House meme, Sherbet Houses and Santa Monica meme was first believed to have been posted on the internet in 2015.

According to KnowYourMeme a picture of the house was uploaded to Reddit with the caption: “Voldemort and Barbie are neighbours!”

Ever since then it’s been continually reshared on Twitter and Instagram with people using it to describe their drastically different music tastes, outfit vibes and taste in men.

Where are the houses located?

The black and pink houses are real and located on Palisades Beach Road in Santa Monica California.

The houses on the road back onto the beach and often sell for millions.

What is the pink house like inside?

According to Zillow the property is currently worth just over $6million and has three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

It has an incredible looking boujie deck looking out to the beach, which is naturally pink.

The inside of the house is actually very un-Barbie like and instead has a nautical blue and white theme to the rooms.

Barbie’s dream rooftop.

Not what I was expecting but I love it.

Now I really want a beach holiday.

Obsessed to say the least.

What is the black house like inside?

The black house is believed to be worth $6.5million and was built in 1998, it was originally painted in similar pastel tones to the pink house.

The house has four bedrooms and and six bathrooms as well as four separate decks.

Inside the house has a very boujie and sophisticated vibe. The kitchen is black and white but of the rest of the house has a neutral colour palette.

via Redfin

A wow.

via Redfin

This is an adult’s house.

via Redfin

Anyone got a spare $6million?

Featured image credits via TheMLS.com and Pawel Czerwinski/Unsplash. 

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