Everyone on TikTok is buying this 99p water bottle and this is how to get yours

Here I am buying yet another water bottle

TikTok can make a product go viral in a 15 second video – whether it’s those leggings that make your bum pop or the Jellycat toys every guy is buying for his girlfriend – all it takes is one TikTok and it feels like the entire internet is hitting “add to cart”. And this week it’s a humble water bottle being sold for just 99p which has got everyone obsessed.

Water bottles are having a moment. It’s literally a container for the most basic of drinks and yet they’re a status symbol. Chilly’s bottles and Love Island bottles all had their moments. However now with the rise in “that girl” culture everyone wants a water bottle with measure markers, so they can track exactly how much hydration they’re getting.

These bottles are often one or two litres in size and give you guidance on how much water you should have drank by a certain time. Often they contain little messages of encouragement such as “don’t give up” or “keep going” at individual time lines on the bottle.

Whilst there is a huge variety of these bottles online, one in particular is going viral on TikTok and this is where you can get yours:

Why is a water bottle going viral on TikTok?

In the middle of January TikToker Katie Hopkins (thankfully no relation to The Apprentice’s Katie Hopkins) shared a video of the water bottle she purchased from the TikTok shop.

It’s a pink and blue ombre bottle which is nearly two litres big and contains messages of affirmation such as “I love you” and “beautiful”.

@katiehopkinsx I didn’t order this for a video but it’s the best 99p I’ve spent so I’ve linked it for you🤍 #tiktokshop #waterbottle #99pwaterbottle ♬ Flowers (Say My Name) – ArrDee

She was able to purchase the bottle for just 99p on the TikTok shop with free shipping and her video has now had nearly 5 million views.

The comment section is full of people flipping out over the price and aesthetic of the bottle. A number of people commented they were “shocked ” at the quality of the bottle.

How do I buy the 99p TikTok water bottle?

In order to get the bottle yourself just follow these simple steps:

1. Open TikTok.

2. Head to “Discover” and search “TikTok water bottle 99p”.

3. Click the “Shop” tab on the slide along menu.

4. Click on the first video by Katie Hopkins to appear and it should pop up with the option to buy the bottle.

5. If the video doesn’t appear click on Katie’s video and click “View links”.

6. Then follow all the steps to continue with purchasing.

The bottle was originally being sold for £4.99 but is now available for 99p in a variety of colours.

Whilst many of the reviews are glowing, there are a number of one star reviews which include people claiming they were delivered the wrong coloured bottle, their bottle came without a straw or their bottle arrived with chips.

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