west elm caleb

Ok who is West Elm Caleb? And why is he the most hated man on TikTok right now?

Can everyone chill tf out please

If you’ve been on TikTok in the last few days then you’re very likely to have encountered West Elm Caleb. Girls are sharing their experience of dating him, accusing him of ghosting, sending unsolicited nudes and sending the same playlist to them all.

Some people on TikTok are going to the extreme by trying to get him fired from his job. Whereas others are suggesting this pile on is too much for a man who engaged in typical dating behaviour plenty of other people in their 20s do.

Whether he’s being slated or defended, this mysterious alleged ghoster is all over my FYP and I just want to know why.

So what is all the conversation about West Elm Caleb? This is everything we know:

Who is West Elm Caleb?

West Elm Caleb is the name of a guy who is alleged to have dated multiple women in New York and ghosted them, love bombed them and sent them unsolicited nudes.

He gets his viral nickname from the fact that he allegedly works at furniture store West Elm as a designer.

Where did all the West Elm Caleb stuff come from?

@meemshou Reply to @hannahklub tiktok algorithm do yo thang #warning #westelmcaleb #nyc ♬ original sound – MEEMS

Over the last week there have been numerous women sharing their experience of dating West Elm Caleb.

According to Know Your Meme on 11th January a TikToker who goes by the username of @meemshou posted a TikTok about getting ghosted by a man called Caleb.

She captioned the video: “This one’s dedicated to Caleb. No hard feelings though you were too tall.”

Then a week later @meemshou posted a video saying she had received loads of comments from other women asking if the person in the video she was talking about was “West Elm Caleb”.

In her video she said was initially confused but she wanted to warn women against dating him as she had received numerous messages from women who shared their experience of dating him. They said after meeting Caleb on Hinge he said he deleted the app and wasn’t on social media. After going on a date he would then ghost the women and they would never hear from him again.

@kellsbellsbaby I am a victim of nyc dating…yet again #nyc #dating #fyp #hinge ♬ original sound – よかいえき

Another woman’s story has gone viral about West Elm Caleb. TikToker kellsbellsbaby claimed she had been dating him for six weeks and described him as “tall, artsy and having a moustache”.

Kell then claimed Caleb had been lying to her and was “dating every woman” in New York. In another TikTok Kell said in the beginning Caleb had been messaging her “really cute messages” however she soon discovered he had been sharing identical Spotify playlists with numerous women.

She said they still continued to date and he would often message her to tell her how much he liked her. However one day he stopped replying to her and she claimed to have confronted him and he said needed time to “unwind”.

What happened next?

Since then plenty of other women have been sharing their experiences “dating West Elm Caleb”. One woman claimed he “love bombed” her, another said they matched multiple times and another claimed he sent her unsolicited nudes.

@_katepear @MEEMS this is hilarious target audience r reached #westelmcaleb #hinge #fyp #kpandthecity ♬ original sound – Kate Pearce

TikToker Kate Pear said she matched with Caleb in October last year and he began “love bombing” her. They arranged to go on a coffee date, and the next day he sent her a nude photo and a day later he ghosted her.

A month later Kate claimed Caleb messaged her saying he was afraid she would use him for his body. He then apparently sent her another nude on Snapchat at which point Kate messaged him: “Are you absolutely out of your mind?” at which point he allegedly ghosted her.

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