The Dragons’ Den rich list: Just how much money do all the Dragons have?

The richest has more money than all the others combined

Dragons’ Den is all about splashing the cash – and the investors want everyone to know they are filthy rich and could change your life, if they really wanted to. They literally sit at their chairs with wads of cash next to them, purely to show anyone who steps into the Den how rich they are. But, how much money does each of them really have? It’s time to take a deep dive into the net worths of all the investors on Dragons’ Den.

Each and every one of them has a ridiculous amount of money, but some even more than others. The richest is even wealthier than all the other Dragons combined. It’s mega sums of money. Here are the net worths of the Dragons’ Den investors, ranked by who is the richest.

Sara Davies – £37million

The net worths of the investors on Dragons' Den and who is the richest, Sara Davies

via BBC

Sara Davies, who joined the Den in 2019, has a reported net worth of £37million. She is the founder and owner of Crafter’s Companion, a company she started whilst she was a student at the University of York. She has already made investments amounting over £1million on the show.

Deborah Meaden – £40million

The net worths of the investors on Dragons' Den and who is the richest, Deborah Meaden

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Arguably, Deborah Meaden is the queen of Dragons’ Den – but she doesn’t have the highest of the net worths. She’s worth an estimated £40million, mainly from working in the retail and leisure industries. Through the 90s she owned Weststar Holidays, which she sold, and then acquired Fox Brothers, a textile mill. In 2011 she launched The Merchant Fox, a website selling luxury British-made goods. She has invested millions in the Den.

Steven Bartlett – £50million

Steven Bartlett

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Steven Bartlett’s companies have a value of over £300million and alone he is worth around £50million. Oh, and just to rub it all in? He’s 29. The majority of Steven Bartlett’s money comes from Social Chain, a media company he founded in 2014. He has since launched two further companies, has a Sunday Times bestselling book called Happy Sexy Millionaire, and is the host of The Diary Of A CEO podcast.

Touker Suleyman – £200million

Touker Suleyman

via BBC

Touker Suleyman is a tycoon in the world of fashion and retail. According to the Sunday Times Rich List, his net worth is estimated at around £200million. His portfolio includes brands such menswear with Hawes and Curtis and women’s fashion label, Ghost. He has invested over £2million into businesses and products in the Den.

Peter Jones – £1billion

The net worths of the investors on Dragons' Den and who is the richest, Peter Jones

via BBC

Peter Jones is the richest of all the investors in Dragons’ Den, with more money than the other investors’ net worths combined. Yes, he’s a billionaire. According to the Sunday Times Rich List in 2021, Peter Jones and his family have a net worth of £1.157billion, making it to entry 150 in the list.

His money earning streak started aged 16 when he took an exam to become a tennis coach. He then launched his own tennis academy. Since then he’s worked in computer support, the restaurant and leisure industry, the mobile phone industry and he is now the boss of Jessops, a UK camera retailer. Investing tens of thousands in companies here and there in the Den really is a drop in the ocean to him.

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