Ok so just how rich is Lord Sugar and how did he make his money?

We’re talking billions here, not millions

On The Apprentice, we watch Lord Sugar invest in wannabe business tycoons who are desperate to make their dreams come true and their business ideas go huge. Each year he invests £250k into one lucky candidate, who has the dreams of one day becoming a millionaire businessperson. But, what even is the net worth of Lord Sugar? How did he become the one who can make other people’s careers take off?

Lord Sugar has invested over £2.5million of his own money into businesses with candidates from The Apprentice over the years, which you might think sounds like a lot. To anyone else, that really is a hell of a lot of money, but to Lord Sugar, it’s just a drop in the ocean. Here’s the net worth of Lord Sugar, and exactly how he made all his money. Prepare to weep.

The net worth of Lord Alan Sugar and how he made all his money and became a billionaire

via BBC

So, what is the net worth of Lord Sugar?

Lord Sugar is one of 171 billionaires in the UK. The Sunday Times Rich List estimated Lord Sugar’s net worth at £1.21billion, which makes him the 121st richest person in the UK. He founded his first and main company in 1968, and has been turning over huge bucks ever since.

How did he become a billionaire?

The net worth of Lord Alan Sugar and how he made all his money and became a billionaire

via BBC

Lord Sugar was born in Hackney, East London and aged just 21 he founded Amstrad, an electronics company. The name is a contraction of Alan Michael Sugar Trading. At the height of its success, Amstrad became a leading name in consumer electronics and was valued at £1.2billion. The company was sold in 2007 to Sky for £125million.

Lord Sugar now owns Amsprop alongside his son Daniel, which is a business investing in commercial property across London and Essex. Its clients include Tesco and the Hard Rock Café. This business has turned over up to £200million a year in past years.

Lord Sugar has since added to his hundreds of millions (weep) with businesses from The Apprentice. He’s invested in at least 10, some of which are turning over tens of millions themselves. It really is a foolproof strategy he has going on. Lord Sugar does not make any money from appearing on the show though, as he donates his pay to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

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