Ranked: Just how rich are Lord Sugar and his aides on The Apprentice?

When I grow up I want to be Karren Brady x

The Apprentice is all about making money and becoming mega rich. Loads of people who have appeared as candidates are now millionaires, so it’s only right the aides who work alongside Lord Sugar on The Apprentice each have a ridiculous net worth too.

From running football clubs to winning The Apprentice, the aides have made stacks of cash through very different ventures. It’s the sort of money you and I can’t even comprehend. Here is a ranking of all the current aides to Lord Sugar on The Apprentice, by their stonking net worths.

Tim Campbell

Net worth: £3million

Lord Sugar aides on The Apprentice and their net worth

via BBC

Tim Campbell earned himself the role of being one of the aides on The Apprentice because he won the show’s first season, and since then he’s been adding to his net worth like you wouldn’t believe. Back when he was on the show, the prize for winning The Apprentice was a £100k a year job with Lord Sugar, which Tim held for two years.

Since then, he’s embarked on several business ventures. In 2007 he started Bright Ideas Trust, dedicated to helping young people with business. He has also been a member London property investment and development agency, Estate Office Property Consultants, since 2012 and, in 2016, set up his own marketing agency. Tim is also a public speaker, and has co-written a book.

Claude Littner

Net worth: £34million

via BBC

Claude has been Lord Sugar’s aide for as long as everyone can remember, but before then he was the CEO of Tottenham Hotspur. According to Spears Magazine, Claude met Lord Sugar in the early 1990s, and became Chairman and CEO of Dancall Telecom, Amstrad Spain and Amstrad International. He’s mega rich now, with an estimated net worth of £34million.

Karren Brady

Net worth: £85million

Lord Sugar aides on The Apprentice and their net worth

via BBC

Up next in the ranking is ultimate girlboss, Karren Brady.  Her career started out in advertising, where she met David Sullivan, who was the publisher in charge of the Daily Sport. Sullivan made Karren one of the company’s directors when she was only 20.

Karren then persuaded Sullivan to buy Birmingham City FC and to let her run it – a bit of a flex. Karren left Birmingham City to become the vice-chair for West Ham United. She’s estimated to be worth £85million, meaning out of all The Apprentice aides, she has the highest net worth.

Lord Sugar

Net worth: £1.21billion

Lord Sugar, The Apprentice

via BBC

It’s no surprise here that the richest of them all is Lord Sugar himself – who is literally a billionaire. Aged just 21, he founded Amstrad, an electronics company. At the height of its success, Amstrad became a leading name in consumer electronics and was valued at £1.2billion. The company was sold to Sky in 2007 for £125million.

Lord Sugar now owns Amsprop alongside his son Daniel, which is a business investing in commercial property across London and Essex. Its clients include Tesco and the Hard Rock Café. This business has turned over up to £200million a year in past years.

Lord Sugar has since added to his hundreds of millions (weep) with businesses from The Apprentice. He’s invested in at least 10, some of which are turning over tens of millions themselves.

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