Ok, so just how rich is Steven Bartlett and how did he make all his money?

He dropped out of uni to pursue business, and now I’m thinking of doing the same?


Right now, Steven Bartlett seems to be a name cropping up all the time. He’s a millionaire businessman, the latest tycoon on Dragons’ Den and is who hosted *that* podcast interview with Molly-Mae. So, you’ll be forgiven for wondering who Steven Bartlett even his, and how he has grown such a huge net worth already.

Steven Bartlett is heading into his second season of Dragons’ Den, and has a number of successful companies already under his belt. The Botswana-born businessman dropped out of uni to pursue business ventures and it’s pretty safe to say it worked out very well for him.

So here’s exactly who Steven Bartlett is, his huge net worth and how he made all his money. Prepare to read and weep, it’s disgusting money really.

The net worth of Dragons' Den star Steven Bartlett explored and how the Social Chain founder got so rich

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Steven Bartlett has a net worth in the multi millions and is now investing his money on Dragons’ Den

Let’s get straight into it – Steven Bartlett’s quite frankly ridiculous net worth. His companies have a value of over £300million and alone he is worth around £50million. Oh, and just to rub it all in? He’s 29.

He’s the newest investor in the Dragons’ Den lineup, joining the other Dragons as their youngest ever. Sarah Clay, the BBC’s Commissioning Editor of Entertainment said: “As well as being our youngest ever Dragon, Steven’s unique approach to business will bring a whole new dynamic to the Den. He brings a wealth of experience from the social media, technological and brand building worlds. I’m so excited to see him in the next series.”

The net worth of Dragons' Den star Steven Bartlett explored and how the Social Chain founder got so rich

via BBC

So, how did Steven Bartlett get so rich?

The majority of Steven Bartlett’s money comes from being the founder of Social Chain, which now has a market valuation of over £300million. Social Chain is a media company, founded in 2014, which soon became Europe’s fastest growing social media agency. Steven Bartlett dropped out of uni to start the company with his co-founder, Dom McGregor, and it grew to have a collective reach of over 200 million millennials across all platforms and global clients including Apple, McDonald’s and the BBC.

Steven has since launched Flight Story, a communication and talent platform that provides public companies with people, process and technology they need to build a retail investor community around their story. “We build your retail investor strategy and give you the talent, tech and processes to execute it,” the company website states. He’s also launched another company, called thirdweb. The website says it is a platform that “provides a suite of tools for creators, artists and entrepreneurs to easily build, launch and manage a Web3 project. thirdweb enables users to add features such as NFTs, marketplaces and social tokens to their Web3 projects without writing a line of code.”

Steven Bartlett also now has a Sunday Times bestselling book, Happy Sexy Millionaire, and is the host of The Diary Of A CEO podcast. His podcast has currently had more interest than ever – it was his interview with Molly-Mae which caused all the backlash with her comments on making money and working hard, and since then he’s interviewed people such as Matt Hancock and Fyre Festival’s Billy McFarland.

He’s been featured in Forbes’ 30 under 30 list and has awards at the Black British Business Awards.

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