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It turns out the losers’ cafe in The Apprentice is a real cafe in London

Sophie complained there’s no ‘special’ milk at the cafe

The Apprentice cast have no problem telling their fellow contestants exactly what they think of them – in the boardroom, during the task and back at the house. But in no other location do the cast really share their feelings about each other quite like The Apprentice cafe. And it turns out the cafe is very real.

In each episode of The Apprentice the two teams return to the boardroom after completing their task to find out who won. Once the winners have been revealed they have a treat arranged for them by Lord Sugar. The losers are sent off to a local cafe and essentially blame each other for the failure of the task.

Over the last few years they filmed the cafe scenes in a cafe called The Bridge, but in the previous season they switched things up and moved to La Cabana.

And this is everything you need to know about The Apprentice cafe:

Is the cafe real?

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The Apprentice cafe is a real place and is a cafe called La Cabana which is in the Cumberland Business Park in Willesden.

Its opening hours are 6am to 4pm, Monday to Friday and the nearest tube station is Park Royal on the Piccadilly line. The cafe currently has a 4.8 out of five star rating on Google Reviews, so it must be good.

What does the cafe serve?

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La Cabana is a classic cafe serving English breakfasts and British dishes. There are hot sandwiches including bacon for just £2.00.

They also serve jacket potatoes, fish and chips, omelette and bangers and mash.

Sadly on The Apprentice we never get to seeing them tucking into some classic grub. They usually only have a hot drink.

As seen on the show a coffee costs £1.20 and a tea costs £1.00. Pret who?

According to recently fired contestant Sophie Wilding the cafe doesn’t serve alternative milks.

During an interview she said: “I couldn’t get an oat latte there. They didn’t have coconut milk. There was no special milk.

“There was no caramelised biscuit. No china cups. It was just black coffee or tea. No thrills.” What a disaster 🙄.

What happened to The Bridge cafe?

For a number of years the BBC filmed the losing scenes at The Bridge cafe in Acton in London. However it’s unknown why the producers decided to switch locations to La Cabana.

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