After Life season three reactions

Just 19 reactions which prove After Life is the best series on Netflix right now

I cried uncontrollably when Tony visited the children’s hospice

Pretty much all of the reactions to After Life prove how season three made each and every one of us uncontrollably cry. It’s the type of show that rips your heart straight out of your chest and leaves you weeping for days on end after watching it. It’s brutal, raw and even Ricky Gervais watched one scene over 70 times and got choked up. People on Twitter really seem to appreciate the fact Ricky Gervais can make you cry with both laughter and sadness in the span of the same episode. So if these 19 reactions to After Life season three don’t make you feel something then I don’t know what will.

1. I am weeping heavily

2. No one does it quite like Kath

3. Seriously, how has he done it??

4. Brandy is the brightest shining star in After Life

5. I am sobbing, Tony loves Lisa so much

6. This is the exact compilation I needed

7. What Gustavo said

8. Argh Lisa <3

9. I love them

10. ‘Just perfect’

11. Easily the best and nicest scene ever

12. How do people remember stuff like this??

13. I don’t think I stopped crying after I watched this scene

14. When he said Lisa is at home making his dinner I cried so hard

15. ‘I hope that was his cock’

16. Anyone who didn’t look like this doesn’t have a heart

17. I need a real version of Taxi Driver The Musical rn

18. I want a friendship like theirs

19. This scene was very iconic

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