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Ricky Gervais says he sobs so hard at this one After Life scene that he actually chokes

I’ve just watched it again, someone help

After Life is the type of series that rips your heart straight out of your chest and will leave you weeping for days after watching it. It’s one of the most brutal shows to exist and even it’s creator and main star, Ricky Gervais, still gets hit by the feels after watching a particular scene over 70 times.

Season three of After Life did hit differently, and I think it was because we all kind of guessed the show was coming to an end. But the final episode really hit hard and moved pretty much the lot of us to tears. Ricky Gervais has shared the scene which involves his on-screen wife Lisa reading a poem and he says it leaves him sobbing every single time he watches it.

I’m ugly crying, via Netflix

In an interview with Metro, Ricky said: “There’s one scene I’ve watched 70 times and it still absolutely chokes me up. It’s when Lisa reads the poem in episode six honestly, I gag. It’s such an amazing poem, it’s such an amazing performance and what’s happening while it’s happening. Honestly, that poem, I’ve loved it for years and I’ve always wanted to use it. It’s devastating.”

Ricky’s co-star Diane Morgan, who plays Kath, says the way the poem was delivered in the show was “lovely”. Ricky even said they were able to film the poem in one take and “everyone was so quiet”.

If you think you can actually bring yourself to watch it without crying or if you’re due a big, ugly sob then you can watch the scene Ricky chokes at here.

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