Jack Wright responds to Sienna Mae’s apology and says she’s ‘struggling to face the truth’

‘Every word in my video is the truth. I hope she continues to get the help she needs so this never happens again’

Trigger warning: This article contains discussions of sexual assault.

Hype House star and famous TikToker Jack Wright has responded to the apology Sienna Mae Gomez posted earlier this week.

In his response, 18-year-old Jack Wright said Sienna Mae Gomez is “struggling” with facing the truth about the currently alleged sexual assault claims against her.

Last week he uploaded a 17-minute video explaining what had happened between them  during their relationship and alleged Sienna sexually assaulted him which she then denied doing in her recent blog post.

Jack’s most recent statement says: “I truly appreciate Sienna’s acknowledgement that she made mistakes and that she did not fully understand consent. It is a step in a positive direction. I believe Sienna is struggling to face the truth and the harmful, painful choices she’s made. Every word in my video is the truth. I hope she continues to get the help she needs so this never happens again.”

He continues: “Separately, to everyone who has reached out to me over the past few days, thank you. I’m deeply moved by the support and those who have shared their own difficult stories. No one deserves to suffer in silence because you think you won’t be believed. Please know that I hear you and believe you. I want to make sure you know about RAINN.org. They can help.”

In Sienna’s post earlier this week, she did not agree with Jack’s video and account of events. However she apologised to him for making him feel “uncomfortable” during their relationship.

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