Jack Wright has opened up about Sienna Mae allegations in ‘traumatising’ new video

This is the first time the Hype House star has spoken openly about the claims

Trigger warning: This article contains detailed accounts of sexual assault.

After almost a year of speculation, TikTok star Jack Wright has officially opened up about his alleged experience with Sienna Mae Gomez.

In May 2021, content creator Mason Rizzo tweeted claims that Gomez had “sexually assaulted” and “abused” Jack, following an abrupt end to their TikTok collaborations in late 2020. The allegations prompted Gomez to respond on multiple occasions, categorically denying she assaulted the Hype House star.

Jack has stayed relatively quiet on the subject until now; insisting the two parties were dealing with things “offline.” On 11th January, however, he posted a TikTok stating he couldn’t “stay quiet anymore.” In a 17-minute YouTube video titled “what sienna mae did to me,” he broke down while telling his side of the story.

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Here’s a full breakdown of Jack’s claims against Gomez:

Gomez allegedly cheated on Jack’s friend

Jack detailed his friendship with Gomez from beginning to end – claiming they met four years ago, while she was dating his friend.

The TikToker allegedly cheated on her then-boyfriend while they were together: “she cheated on him two times,” Jack said.

“I’m the type of guy who […] tries to see the good in people,” he continued, while addressing the fact that he gave her another chance.

He clarified that they were always “just friends”

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“We both knew that we were just friends,” Jack stated, before claiming Gomez was “seeing and talking to other guys in LA.”

According to the Hype House star, “nothing inappropriate” had happened when they started collaborating on TikToks together. “We had fun. It was strictly friends,” he said.

Jack also alleged that he hated the idea of getting intimate with Gomez: “I just thought of her as a good friend,” he explained.

Gomez allegedly exposed herself to Jack after working on a video together

The first instance of “crossing boundaries” seemingly happened after the pair had finished filming one evening. “We went into my room. I was just chilling on the bed, on my phone,” he said.

“[Gomez] got completely naked. She straddled me, when I was literally just chilling.

“I didn’t know what to do,” he stated. “It was so random and weird. I quickly told her to get off […] she tried to make out with me.”

Gomez allegedly apologised after Jack was finally able to remove her from him. “I had to clarify again that I didn’t like her that way. She said sorry and that was that.”

But according to the TikToker, the incidents didn’t end there.

Jack claimed that Gomez was caught assaulting him on tape


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On 3rd June 2021, an unknown witness posted a TikTok of a woman (believed to be Gomez) climbing on top of an unconscious man. The video took place at a party, and the woman could be seen placing her hand on his crotch.

Gomez has categorically denied that the woman in the video was her. Jack alleged that it was.

“I was passed out on the couch,” he said. “She groped me, took advantage of me.”

According to Jack, his friends attempted to pull her away from him. After the incident, she purportedly told Jack: “If this gets out, I’m done.”

Gomez supposedly confronted Jack after he took a picture with other girls

While at another party, Jack stated he took a picture with a group of girls. Once Gomez found out, she apparently travelled to the party in order to tell him off.

“She got mad at me, screamed at me; at the girls,” he stated. “She was seeing other guys but I couldn’t just take a simple picture with some girls?

“She grabbed me, pulled me in and tried to make out with me.”

As Gomez was allegedly removed from the party, Jack claimed she jumped out of a moving car just to run back to him. “She jumped out of the car, rolled and said ‘I need to speak to Jack.”

Jack alleged that Gomez broke into his house multiple times and assaulted him

“I was sick of her breaking into my house,” he said. “I would wake up and see her car sitting outside at 2AM.”

According to Jack, the TikToker repeatedly sexually assaulted him while he was asleep. “She would break into my house and when I was sound asleep she’d come into my room, and I’d wake up with her hand in my pants. It wasn’t the only time it happened too.”

He alleged that she’d manipulate him into forgiving her. “It was so normal for me. She’d act like she cared about me. Then at night, she’d do stuff to me.”

The incidents came to a head when Gomez supposedly followed him on holiday and tried to break into his room

“She picked the lock […] I was just done. I screamed at her,” he said.

“She started crying in my bed,” he clarified.

Multiple men have since messaged Jack with their own stories


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With names blurred out, Jack showed three of the messages he’d received since going public with his allegations. Each man detailed similar experiences with Gomez.

“Sienna lowkey did the same shit to me at a party,” one of them read.

“I was drunk sleeping on a couch […] she kissed my neck,” said another.

Sienna Mae Gomez is yet to respond to the fresh set of claims against her.

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