I'm in me mum's car trans

The legend who made the viral ‘I’m in my mum’s car’ Vine has come out as trans

He recently introduced himself as Tristan

Vine was a real work of art, it birthed some iconic content such as the “I’m in my mum’s car” viral video. It was branded as a classic the moment it was released into the realm of Vine. And unless you’re mega active on TikTok, you probably haven’t been keeping up to date with the famous person behind this Vine. The original creator of the vine now identifies as Tristan Jay Simmonds after recently coming out as Transgender.

Tristan came out as a trans man back in March 20021 on his TikTok and YouTube. In his coming out video, he says he’s slowly transitioning and wants to do what is best for him. You can watch his video below:


If you’re always glued to TikTok then you’ve probably seen Tristan pop up on your feed once in a while. He’s actually got a huge following of 1.3 million people and he has over 25.6 million likes across his videos. His bio even includes the iconic quote: “I’m in my mum’s car, broom broom”.

Tristan posts a range of videos onto TikTok, from questionable comedy skits to documenting his journey as a trans man. His recent video sharing his name reveal accumulated over 77,000 views and of course his most popular video is “I’m in my mum’s car” – a classic.

What has Tristan been up to since Vine?

Since creating the iconic video, Tristan has also blown up across YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. Across all three platforms he has over 72,0000. He’s even got an email set up for general enquiries and bookings – that’s how you know you’ve made it BIG time.

Tristan is using his TikTok to document his journey, recently he posted this video of him using transtape for the first time and back in December, Tristan debuted his new hair cut.

You can follow Tristan’s journey on TikTok here.

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