Walmart yodelling kid now

Here’s what the Walmart yodelling kid has been up to since becoming a viral sensation

Lord, I love to hear her when she calls me sweet DA-A-ADY🔥

Mason Ramsey, aka the Walmart yodel kid, was thrown into the viral sensation lifestyle back in 2018 when he yodelled in the middle of Walmart to Hank Williams’ song Lovesick Blues but where is he now? Our favourite cowboy stole the hearts of fans everywhere thanks to his little bow-tie and black boots. The 11-year-old yodelling king made it so big in 2018 that he even headlined at Coachella – he is mega famous. He’s currently blowing up on TikTok for a song he recorded back in 2019 so it’s not actually a new bop like everyone on TikTok thinks it is.

Before blowing up on the internet, Mason had never recorded a song in a studio. But thanks to his yodelling lifestyle he performed Old Town Road with Lil Nas X at the 2020 Grammy Awards. Plus he even performed live at Billboard Hot 100’s 60th Birthday event where he covered songs by Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston and Beyoncé!!

In 2019 he landed a role in The Angry Birds Movie 2 where he voiced Oliver, a cute little piglet who apparently doesn’t like to take baths. And Mason also started his own YouTube channel where he often posts music videos.He’s got over one million subscribers and 27 videos. Over on Instagram he has 1.4 million followers and enjoys posting iconic, cowboy-ish content.

He also released a whole new EP and finally it’s getting some of the recognition it deserves on TikTok. His song Before I Knew It has gone viral and currently it has over one million streams on Spotify.

Now the Walmart yodelling kid has been getting a lot more active on TikTok since his song blew up, he posted this video the other day showing he works in a Subway restaurant. People in the comments have been saying he makes the best subs in town and, to be honest, I don’t doubt it for one second. Imagine being served your Subway by the famous Walmart yodelling kid?? I would simply pass away.

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Feature image via @masonramsey on Instagram and Sonell Official on YouTube.