Men need to realise that sexualising women when they kiss isn’t funny – it’s homophobic

This isn’t something that’s up for debate

There’s nothing I hate more in this world than men who sexualise two women kissing. My sexuality is not your porn category and your jokes about wanting to watch aren’t funny whatsoever. I can’t even begin to tell you how toxic the men are on this year’s season of Too Hot To Handle. Yes, the entire show’s idea is to put ridiculously horny people through a sex ban but that doesn’t mean I should be made to watch my sexuality being torn to shreds by men who don’t take women loving women relationships seriously.

Basically, in case you didn’t register it here’s what happened. In the first couple of episodes, Georgia finds herself in an awkward love-square with Patrick, Stevan and Harry – all of which would love to break the rules with her if given the chance. Georgia does want to break the rules and she wants to do it in her own way so she kisses Izzy. At first, the male contestants were all fuming about being fined $3,000 and they’re keen on knowing exactly who broke the rules. But as soon as they learn it was two girls they immediately drop their anger and instead act like they’re sad because they couldn’t watch.

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Stevan quickly says how he can’t be mad at Izzy and Georgia losing $3,000 as what they did is “hot” and apparently he’s “into that sort of thing”. Then Truth pitches in by saying he “likes that shit”. Later on as Stevan and Patrick talk about the kiss, Stevan says he wishes he could have watched and Patrick says “me too, bro” as he pokes out his tongue.

It’s wild to me that this even needs to be clarified but women should be able to kiss one another without being sexualised by grown men. Just in general life, the way men fetishise my sexuality is homophobic and it’s not something that should be up for debate. Women who love other women aren’t a porn tag, we are real people with real feelings and men making “jokes” about wanting to watch us kiss is vile.

Queer women don’t exist to turn men on and it’s a shame that in 2022 we still have to clarify that. I see my mates and people in my community go through homophobia every single day so seeing a load 0f horny men on the TV make jokes about wanting to watch two girls kiss is really uncomfortable. Especially when so many queer people are too scared to make any kind of display of affection in public with their partner because they fear they will be at the receiving end of homophobia.

What really annoys me is the men who make jokes about my sexuality clearly do it because they don’t see two women kissing as something romantic and loving. They see two women kiss and immediately all their blood rushes straight to their dick. But it doesn’t really matter whether you’re the one fetishising my sexuality by making jokes or being the person to laugh at the awful punchline – you’re still absolutely reeking of homophobia. So please, just stop.

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