YouTuber son crying dying dog

This clip of a YouTuber telling her son to cry harder over their dying dog has gone viral

In the clip you can hear him say ‘No mama I’m actually seriously crying’

A clip showing lifestyle YouTuber Jordan Cheyenne encouraging and filming her 9-year-old son crying over their dying dog for her thumbnail is going viral on Twitter.

The 30-year-old lifestyle and beauty vlogger who has over half a million subscribers has since disappeared from social media.

The original video was titled “We are heartbroken” and Jordan Cheyenne didn’t actually mean to continue the video and upload the viral clip. The clip circulating on Twitter hears Jordan tell her son to “Come closer” to the camera for the video. And she’s then heard saying “Put your head right here. Act like you’re crying”, her son responds saying he is crying for real but according to Jordan his crying clearly doesn’t look real enough.

She says: “No, I know, but go like this” and she then instructs him to pretend to wipe a tear away and tells him to let the camera see his mouth. During this time, her son is audibly heard crying. She then tells him to look at the camera whilst she holds his head and then ends the video.

The tweet has over 22,000 likes and near 6,000 quote tweets. One person tweeted the clip and said: “This is the world we live in. Frightening.” Another person said the clip was “disgusting“. Someone else said: “In, say, 10 or so years, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are documentaries where former children explain the exploitation that came from having ‘family vloggers’ as parents. And express the anger and damage it did to them and their relationships with their parents.”

Jordan Cheynne, who has since deleted the video and not posted on YouTube in the last four months. As well as this, her last Instagram post was at the end of August so she’s pretty much gone offline completely.

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