James Shaun TikTok split, James And Shaun Love Story

Ay you, be good and take a look at these 16 reactions to James and Shaun’s break up

‘Gorgeous gorgeous boys go on three month separation trials’

Well we aren’t even two weeks into the new year and the worst has already happened. TikTok heroes and living legends James And Shaun Love Story have officially split and the world is in a state of utter shock. Love is truly dead. But do you know what’s alive and kicking? These 16 reactions and memes to the split of James and Shaun. So sit back, be good and take some time to remember the good old days when James and Shaun from TikTok weren’t split up and on a three month separation trial:

1. It’s what James and Shaun would’ve wanted x

2. Ta ra me loves, you won’t be able to reach me

3. This is quite possibly the worst year of my life?

4. Sod the Queen’s Jubilee, I need a bank hol rn

5. ‘I wanna run to you’

6. They are, and will forever be, gorgeous gorgeous boys

7. It’s a sad time for us all

8. It’s not a threat, it’s a promise

9. Our king

10. This song hits different when it’s about our boys

@cribby69 no one text this has devastated me #jamesandshaunlovestory #jamesandshaunlovestroy #meloves #spooninleadstoforkin #heartbroken ♬ Kanye Better – J

11. Truly heartbreaking to watch

@stonesy_thedragonslayer This is a broadcast message! Please come back Shaun😢🍆 #jamesandshaunlovestory #eyyoubegood #hesontop #ringsting #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound – Still Silhouette

12. ‘Now it would be absolutely delusional for me to believe I will get wifed’

@jasminesiantinsle #jamesandshaunlovestory ♬ Packs and Potions By Hazey – Blackboxhub

13. This is the worst year ever

@zakwilton Year ruined. Ay you, be good and get back together #jamesandshaunlovestory #foryoupage #fyp ♬ Kanye Better – J

14. ‘Just need a bit of space if that’s okay’

15. Peace OUT

16. It has ruined my LIFE

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