James And Shaun Love Story break up

James And Shaun Love Story have split up and 2022 is ruined – here’s everything we know

Spooning leads to forking, and then a ‘three month separation trial’ :'(

2022 has got off to the worst possible start, and that’s because that with regret I have to inform you that this is the year that love died forever. Love is dead, guys. Why? Because James And Shaun Love Story have officially announced their break up in the form of a “three month separation trial”. The loved up TikTok couple are a duo that I thought would never split – absolutely made for each other, infatuated and inseparable. But after rumours circulated on Twitter, their Instagram bio changed and informed they would be on a “brake” – with James finally confirming on TikTok everybody’s worst fears. Here’s everything we know about the devastating break up of James And Shaun Love Story.

‘Me and Shaun have cried a thousand tears today’

On Saturday morning, rumours started circulating on Twitter that James And Shaun Love Story were in the midst of a break up. It hit my group chats, but we couldn’t find any concrete proof. Later in the day, an ominous Instagram bio on their @jamesandshaunlovestory account announced “Shaun and James have split to having a brake”. Hearts were shattered, and then hearts were obliterated when James posted a video explaining the situation to the former couple’s popular TikTok account.

“Hello everyone and good evening,” James said. “I’ve just come on here to let everyone know the rumours on Twitter and the story I put up on Instagram today. With great sadness, me and Shaun have decided to go on a three month separation trial. This has been decided jointly by the both of us. I think we just need a bit of time away from each other, and time to reflect on our own lives. I love Shaun with all my body, and don’t think there’s much of me that doesn’t.

“I have cried a thousand tears today, and Shaun has. But I am hoping in time to come we get stronger. But if not, I wish Shaun all the happiness in the world.”

Why did James And Shaun Love Story split up?

Whilst James and Shaun haven’t gone into particularly clear details about this devastatingly sad break up, in the comments of their now deactivated TikTok account James gave details that the break up came following an argument where James in the heat of the moment asked Shaun to choose between his family and James. Since the argument, James has acknowledged he was in the wrong and has said that in the future he will (ay you) be good.

’23, gay and heartbroken’

James And Shaun Love Story grew their TikTok account to over 300,000 followers at the peak of their popularity, after going viral with their timeless and iconic “spooning leads to forking” and winning over our hearts with their infatuated love and catchphrase “ta ra me loves!” James And Shaun Love Story are Scouse icons through and through, and TikTok won’t be the same without their content.

The internet has been in mourning since James and Shaun Love Story announced their break up. One said “James And Shaun Love Story splitting up has ruined my Sunday”, and another devastated fan said “James and Shaun broke up, I am calling in work sick tomorrow to grieve.” Time will tell if the “three month separation trial” will prove successful and potentially reinvent break ups permanently, but for now it’s a final “ta ra me loves” from James And Shaun Love Story.

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