Molly-Mae’s latest comments prove just how tone deaf influencers still are

Tell me you’re privileged without telling me you’re privileged

The current generation of influencers have promoted the same narrative time and time again saying how hard they work in order to make ends meet. And today Molly-Mae has finally been called out for it. If you haven’t heard then Molly-Mae basically said everyone has the same 24 hours in a day as someone as rich and famous as Beyoncé – she essentially took a shit all over social inequality and said everyone in life has a level playing field. What a load of complete and utter bullshit. Some of the hardest working people I know are also some of the poorest. Nothing grates on me more than influencers who spout nonsense and say hard work makes you rich because that demonises poor people and makes them seem lazy. Seriously, how is it even possible to be this far off the mark?

I don’t hate Molly-Mae and I don’t think she’s being malicious but what she said couldn’t be any further out of touch if she tried. Influencers who have never been in poverty aren’t aware just how painfully hard it is to get out of it, it’s an endless cycle. Plus, the majority of people in this country don’t even get paid the national living wage, we can’t all go on Love Island and get handed the creative director role of a company two years later. For influencers to sit there and tell people to just “work harder” to get out of poverty is disgusting.

Sure, life is what you make it but whilst some people worry about how many bikinis they’re taking to Dubai, others are panicking how they’re going to eat tonight – so yes, it’s fair to say not everyone has the same 24 hours in a day.

It’s time influencer culture came to an end. We’re now entering our third year of the pandemic and influencers have made it painfully clear that there’s no equality between us and them. And yes, I know it’s not just Molly-Mae, but influencers in general have failed to slow down during the pandemic. And we have reached a point where they’re forgiven too quickly after posting half-arsed apologies on their Instagram stories for fucking up. It’s not fair at all.

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