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We all have the same 24-hours, I spent mine collecting another 21 memes about Molly-Mae

Someone called her Margaret Thatcher with a spray tan looool

Right so now we’re on day two of Molly-Mae Hague’s “work harder” podcast shenanigans and people on Twitter have been putting in the shift of a life time to churn out some fantastic memes and reactions. Not only was her Wikipedia name briefly changed to “Molly-Mae Thatcher” but the Love Island reaction pictures with hilarious captions have been going non-stop. She’s found herself wrapped up in a complete and utter shitstorm and here are 21 memes which I spent my last 24-hours collecting to prove it:

1. ‘Ya bum’

2. So true

3. ‘Uh, TOMMY?’

4. The Love Island reaction pictures are too funny

5. They should collab x

6. Girlbosses deserve rewards too, hunny

7. Not what she originally had in mind, is it?

8. You’re done, you’re done

9. Life isn’t fair

10. What a week it’s been

11. A very stressful situation for her


13. Girlboss legend

14. I am broken both inside and out

15. I’m terrified x

16. This plate will forever haunt my Twitter timeline

17. And Beyoncé

18. Whoever did this really maximised their 24-hours

19. Wait until she hears about zero hour contracts

20. Screaming at this one

21. Ffs

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