James And Shaun Love Story

Day three of James and Shaun’s break up, and James has already gone solo

The @james_the_influencer_ era is upon us and Molly-Mae should be nervous

If your tears have more or less dried after the last few days’ news that TikTok Scouse icons James And Shaun Love Story have split up, prepare for your eyes to once again be sopping wet. Despite the fact that James and Shaun are only on a “three month separation trial” and are revolutionising the break up industry by doing so, fans hoping that the two might reconcile could be having their dreams dashed as James has already gone solo. James has set up a new Instagram separate to his shared account with Shaun that has amassed 10k+ followers and is hoping to maintain the couple’s viral fame on his own.

James has already gained 1500+ followers in a day

In a move that has the influencer landscape shaking, James has rebranded himself as a solo digital creator on Instagram and is beginning a new era. The account has only been set up less than a day and the TikTok icon has managed to gain 1500+ followers growth. James has said several times that he will be deactivating the official @jamesandshaunlovestory Instagram account, but as of the time of publishing it is still up and running.

Currently, on the @jamesandshaunlovestory Instagram story, James is promoting his new Instagram and says he will be deleting the old one, due to “too many memories.


Whilst all may not be well in the world of James And Shaun Love Story, James is quick to make sure nobody thinks ill of his ex Shaun and has posted on their Instagram that the break up fault lies with him. It remains to be seen what kind of content will appear during the new solo Instagram era. Shaun has remained silent on James’ solo move at this stage.

Follow James’ solo endeavours on his new Insta, @james_the_influencer_

Featured image courtesy of @jamesandshaunlovestory.

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