Boris Johnson dancing video

A deep, hesitant dive into the viral video of Boris Johnson dancing horrendously at a party

Those hips don’t lie, BJ😳😫😈

An old video of Prime Minister Boris Johnson dancing to Lionel Richie’s All Night Long (All Night) has gone viral and it’ll make you wish you didn’t have eyes.

It’s not clear where the video came from but it was posted onto Instagram yesterday by @glenn_kitson and was shared on Twitter by @stimmo where it blew up. The video includes Boris Johnson dancing and another official holding a lightsaber.

The comments, as you can probably imagine, are ripping Boris to shreds. One person wrote: “His dancing skills are on par with his governing skills. I’m being kind here.” Another person simply said: “My eyes, MY EYES”.

Someone else replied: “What the fuck have I just watched? I liked Twitter. Now I’m going to have to delete my account.” We could spend all day reading the comments because they are so funny. But we have questions to answer, so here’s everything we know about that video of Boris Johnson busting out some moves.

It’s believed the video was filmed back in 2013 during Boris Johnson’s stint as the Mayor of London. A journalist, Henry Dyer, has said: “Press reports suggest it’s some sort of tradition for the mayor to dance with the chair of London Assemble at the Christmas party.”  The video surfaces after several allegations of parties prior to Prince Phillip’s funeral and throughout the pandemic.

Boris Johnson has not yet confirmed why there was a lightsaber present at the event.

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Feature image courtesy of @glenn_kitson on Instagram.