91 per cent of young people think that Boris Johnson should resign

Should we throw a party or…?

91 per cent of young people think that Boris Johnson should resign as Prime Minister, a new poll by The Tab’s Instagram can reveal.

This follows the news that Boris Johnson hosted a party (or work event, as No. 10 argues), during England’s national lockdown; while the rest of us were locked up and some even unable to see their own families.

Johnson got absolutely roasted in Parliament yesterday, with MP’s and his fellow party members calling for his resignation. People feel betrayed by the Government, and young people are no exception.

‘I’m a Tory but Boris really needs to go’

Marcin, 23

Marcin Pisanski, a final year student at the University of Oxford told The Tab that despite being a conservative supporter, he feels passionately that Boris must resign.

He said: “Boris Johnson became an antithesis of the values the Conservative Party used to traditionally stand for. His leadership turned the Tories into a party standing for nothing more than whatever he needed to make the country forget about the latest crisis he himself created.

Instead of using his political capital for much needed reforms, he squandered it for an endless series of PR nightmares, every one bigger than its predecessors. He should resign as soon as possible to pave the way for a new leader who can regain the voters’ trust by 2024. I will not campaign for the Tories again until and unless he is gone from Number 10.”

‘He should have been made to resign far earlier on’

Lily, 21

21-year-old Manchester student, Lily Scior-Lewis, believes that Boris Johnson has shown time and time again that he completely lacks empathy.

She told The Tab: “At multiple points, from the very beginning of the crisis, he showed that he was not willing to take it seriously enough to save British people from the worst of the suffering. At every point he has just tried to save his own position, constantly ignoring the advice of scientists and delaying every Lockdown or new rule until it was too late for many people.

“The fact that during this time he was having parties in his garden is honestly just the obvious behaviour of someone who always wanted things as easy as possible for himself. He should have been made to resign far earlier on, and I’m honestly still hopeless that he will resign now.”

‘Johnson just has to go’

Frank, 22

“This latest scandal, and his weak apology, is just the tip of the iceberg”, says Frank Allen – a 22-year-old student at the University of Exeter.

Frank said, “For two and a half years as prime minister, and for many decades as a politician, he has consistently undermined the British people’s faith in political institutions through manipulation, lies, and deceit. If British trust in democracy was already at an all time low in 2019, who knows how far this has shrunk since. To protect our democracy, Johnson should tender his resignation and leave as soon as possible.”

‘He needs to be held accountable’

Rafi, 19

Rafi Brooks, a second year student at the University of Nottingham said that Boris should be held accountable. He told The Tab: “We’ve never had more Draconian laws set on us and the British public did their absolute best to abide by them for public safety.

“Many people’s loved ones died and had to Zoom their funerals. This is all happening while the people who made these laws feel as if they’re above it and can do as they please. Boris was the leader and should be held accountable.”

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