Sue Gray civil servant

Right, so who the hell is Sue Gray and why are there so many jokes memes about her?

Sue Gray is both equally a national meme and a powerful woman

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has found himself in some piping hot water recently as he’s facing several allegations saying there were a tonne of parties held at Downing Street throughout the pandemic. Pretty much everyone on Twitter is calling for him to resign and it’s come to our attention that the fate of Boris Johnson falls in the hands of Sue Gray, a civil servant. But you’re probably wondering, who the bloody hell is Sue Gray and how did she get so much authority over Boris Johnson? So here are all your questions answered, plus some jokes Sue Gray memes thrown in for good measure.

Sue Gray is a civil servant and is leading the Downing Street party investigations

So Sue Gray is allegedly the standards chief meaning she has been tasked with heading up the investigation into other allegations that say Boris Johnson and his officials held rule-breaking parties at Downing Street whilst the rest of us were in lockdown.

This basically means that Boris Johnson is in deep, deep shit if he is found connected to these parties. Essentially, Sue Gray has a very important job right now and a lot of people are counting on her to conclude the investigations soon.

1. ‘You’re joking? Not another one’

2. Something tells me this won’t be the last draft either

3. Naturally Molly-Mae had to be in the mix

4. We really do

5. Not this

6. She really has her work cut out for her

7. What a crazy turn of events

8. ‘She’s not batwoman’

9. Guaranteed

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