Right, we need to talk about all these plot holes in Stay Close on Netflix

They are keeping me up at night!!

Since its release, Stay Close has remained in the top spot on Netflix. It’s got everyone hooked, and the twist ending has everyone immediately talking about the show and getting all their mates to watch it as well. But, if you really look into Stay Close, the show is filled with quite a few plot holes – and people have been picking up on them.

From parts of the show which literally just don’t make sense to bits of the story that are brought up and then never explained – you can’t help but be left with a fair few questions after watching. There are a number of plot holes in Stay Close on Netflix, so let’s dissect them so I can finally be at peace. Thank you.

Viewers have noticed a number of plot holes in Stay Close on Netflix

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Megan starting her new life but only moving up the road

The biggest of the plot holes in Stay Close is that Cassie supposedly ran away to start a new life as Megan, but she’s literally living up the road in the same area she ran away from. What’s more, she’s actually *shocked* that people managed to track her down? If you thought everyone believed you murdered someone I think you’d move a little further away than the nice leafy suburb down the road.

Why didn’t Megan and Kayleigh say anything about being locked up by Goldberg?

In the sixth episode we see Megan save her daughter Kayleigh from the strange Ken and Barbie serial killers. When they go to the police station to report what’s happened they are intercepted by bent copper Goldberg, who locks them in a room. After Megan and Kayleigh are magically released they are suddenly speaking to Broome as if all this didn’t happen. How did they even get out? Why do they not tell Broome his colleague locked them up in dingy room under the police station?!

Viewers have noticed a number of plot holes in Stay Close on Netflix

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How did Ray get away with literally chopping a body up, please?

At the very end of the series, we see the characters all returning to normal life again. Megan and Dave get married, and Ray is moving away and having a fresh start. That’s all well and good, Ray only ever had good intentions and isn’t a bad man, buuuuut – the guy did chop up Stewart’s body into pieces and chuck it away?! That’s a pretty major crime, no? And now he’s just running off into the sunset?

Viewers have noticed a number of plot holes in Stay Close on Netflix

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Lorraine just admitted to killing someone she didn’t

I think we can kind of deduce why this happened, but it’s still a bit of a plot hole in the overall Stay Close storyline. When Lorraine is found out as the killer and is brought in at the end, she quite brazenly says yes when she is asked if she killed Carlton. However, we all know that she didn’t – he was in fact put in the boot of the car by Kayleigh and Bea, and Kayleigh’s father pushed the car into the lake, unaware Carlton was in it.

The main theory here as to why Lorraine did this is because she was protecting the girls. Lorraine’s motive with her killings was to get rid of men who pose danger to women and she had seen what unfolded in Vipers on the night Carlton went missing. She probably knew at the point of her arrest that she no longer has anything to lose, so took the wrap for the girls to protect them having to deal with it anymore.

Is Broome the worst detective in history?

There’s no point even denying this one, detective Broome is awful. I think we need a separate inquiry as to how loads of men went missing over a 17-year period and their remains were in the woods by where they were all last seen this entire time. But, even more so, Broome needs to take a long ol’ look at himself.

“DS Broome is the worst fucking Detective I have ever seen,” one person said on Reddit, and I couldn’t put it better myself. “Multiple murders going on and he promises to protect someone. And then he just never picks up his fucking phone. Almost every death could be avoided if he just answered his phone.” Another added: “After he figures out Kayleigh is one of the last people to see Carlton, he neglects to question her friend who was with her the whole time face palm.

Check yourself, Broome!

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