11 times Stay Close on Netflix was nothing short of straight up ridiculous

Those weird Ken and Barbie characters, I’m looking at you

Right, let’s get one thing straight first – Stay Close on Netflix is a must watch. It yet again proves anything written by Harlan Coben can be enjoyed in a book and is prime to be made for TV. The show is high-drama, filled with twists you never see coming and has an incredible cast. But, that doesn’t avoid the fact that Stay Close is filled with incredibly ridiculous moments.

From major plot holes to part of the show that are so dumb they may have actually been written in on purpose to make the story better. Like, I’m still not entirely sure why the Ken and Barbie killers existed, but get rid of them? Not an option. Icons.

So, because some parts of the show were far-fetched to say the least, here’s a rundown of the moments in Stay Close on Netflix that were, let’s say, questionable.

1. Let’s get the obvious out the way first, that damn intro song

If you watched The Stranger, you’ll be very much aware that Netflix adaptations of Harlan Coben novels always have very memorable opening credits. Stay Close is no different, with a strange cover song and weird clips of things smashing. Annoyingly catchy, though.

2. Megan ran away to start a new life and moved… down the road

Right, this is the biggest plot hole here. We’re told Cassie “ran away” to start a new life as Megan but she’s still a short drive or a walk from everything? If you thought everyone believed you murdered someone I think you’d move a little further away than the nice leafy suburb down the road.

3. Carlton just drove the girls into the car park, am I missing something here?

The most ridiculous moments in Harlan Coben drama Stay Close on Netflix

via Netflix

Right at the beginning, Bea and Kayleigh said they used Carlton to get into Vipers, presumingly because they were underage. But all he did was get them in his car, right by the already open gates, and drive them…into the carpark. They must have been in his car for less than a minute? I’m confused as to what the point of this was and what was achieved here?

4. Ok so Megan just has a key to inside that huge statue thing then?

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In one scene, Megan and Ray meet up inside the huge Dream Head statue that has some sentimental value to them from when they were dating. But everyone seems to have skipped over that Megan just randomly owns a key to a statue in the woods? Plus, she’s kept hold of it for 17 years? Is this normal?

5. Everyone just walks into each other’s houses unannounced

The most ridiculous moments in Harlan Coben drama Stay Close on Netflix

via Netflix

I have witnessed multiple break-ins during this show and nobody has ever seemed to notice.

6. The dancing scene with Ken and Barbie, what is going on here?!

The first time we’re introduced to Ken and Barbie they just break out into song and dance and I’m just like..what?!

7. In fact, any scene with Ken and Barbie

There are no words to describe the levels of anger and confusion I felt towards these two characters. They are unhinged in every sense of the word.

8. Are we not going address the fact Ray and Fester brushed under the carpet Ray turning up covered in blood?

via Netflix

If your mate came to yours like this after a night out I think you’d talk about it, don’t you? THEY LET THIS LIE FOR 17 YEARS.

9. The police officer was dead in the police station for like…days

The most ridiculous moments in Harlan Coben drama Stay Close on Netflix

via Netflix

Nobody in the police force seemed too fussed that one of their own was missing and had literally been murdered in the office they all work in. When they found out Goldberg was the one who had been leaking information they even managed to do an entire search of his house and still nobody found him in that time. I can’t confirm it was days, but it felt like it was. He was literally lying there dead downstairs in the office they all work in.

10. The locations are all ages apart and people from the north west are ANGRY

Since the show has come out people in the north west of England, where the show was filmed, have been raging about all the filming locations. The locations include some across Manchester, Blackpool, Liverpool, St Helens and Formby – all supposedly next to each other in the show.

On Twitter, one viewer said: “Watching the first episode of Stay Close on Netflix and a character just drove over Runcorn bridge, turned right off Blackpool Prom onto Talbot Road and ended up at the dream sculpture in St. Helens. I think she needs to get a sat nav.” Another added: “Given up Stay Close for now after two episodes. Completely ridiculous and unbelievable, to say nothing about the random locations around the North West all appearing to be next to each other or a short car ride away. It’s a no from me I’m afraid, I was really looking forward to it.”

11. All the bodies were literally meters away from where they were last seen

The most ridiculous moments in Harlan Coben drama Stay Close on Netflix

via Netflix

So in the ending we found out all the bodies had been chucked in a pit in the woods. Those woods which are right next to Vipers, the last known place of all these men who went missing. We need to talk about police failings if in 17-years this place hasn’t been properly searched. Broome hardly did an intense search to find the handle leading down to the pit, it was right there!

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