A trivia quiz about drama series Stay Close on Netflix

How well were you actually paying attention to Stay Close? Take this quiz to find out

This show is living rent free in my head

Stay Close is one of those shows that really gets you hooked. Each episode had a huge cliffhanger ending, which has you pressing “next episode” quicker than ever before. So, whilst you might think you were completely gripped on every last second of the show, this Stay Close trivia quiz is about to prove to you just how much you really were.

Were you really switched on to who all the characters were, who did what and every single plot line? Most importantly, can you remember *that* twist ending? Or were you on your phone the entire time and couldn’t even tell me who ended up being the person behind the mystery in the end or what anyone’s names are? Maybe you lie somewhere in the middle, dipping in and out enough to keep up but not really knowing what’s going on?

So, it’s now time to find out how well were you actually paying attention to all the details in Stay Close. Test your knowledge in the trivia quiz below and if you get full marks then congrats, you might have actually done a better job at cracking the case than the real detectives did.

Take this trivia quiz to see how well you were really paying attention during Stay Close:

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