These 25 memes about Stay Close on Netflix are even more wild than *that* ending

Only some are about the dancing serial killers, I promise

Can we take a moment for new Harlan Coben drama Stay Close on Netflix? It’s wall-to-wall drama and tbh, I think I need a few days to recover from the ending. But, what comes from an incredible thriller series with loads of twists and turns and shocking characters? A load of memes – which Stay Close has in buckets.

We can’t get over cursed and annoying characters Ken and Barbie, we’re a bit confused as to why Cassie “ran away” to start a new life as Megan but only made it up the road, and everyone is in agreement that Harry the lawyer truly deserved more.

Here are the best memes and reactions to Stay Close on Netflix.

1. The way I hated them


3. Well done Megan, well done

4. Love him x

5. Honestly, cursed

All the best memes and reactions to Stay Close on Netflix

6. And that’s the tea


8. I am SHOOK


10. Quite frankly

11. Lovely x

12. ‘Shit heads’ loooool

13. I get it x

14. Pretty much

15. You know what, yes

16. LOUDER !!

17. Other than the fact they hid him coming home covered in blood, but

18. Megan you fool !!!

19. The most batshit characters in history??

20. It really boils down to this

21. YES

22. Couldn’t agree more

23. Ok this was so sad

24. Incredible !!

25. Where did that come from?!

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