Quiz: Can you accurately guess the rent of these student houses?

Let’s see if you’ll be joining The Oppenheim Group anytime soon

If you’re someone who spent last year binge-watching seasons of Selling Sunset and Selling Tampa, you probably fancy yourself a bit of a real estate expert. Just like Jason Oppenheim and Christine Quinn, you know a good property when you see one.

You know the value of a good view, and how location is key. But unlike the Selling Sunset cast, you probably don’t have much experience in the world of luxury real estate. As students, our area of expertise lies in budget four-bed flats, most likely with a pest infestation of some kind.

Any student who has left their second and third year house hunting too late knows just how competitive the whole process can be. It’s not uncommon to go on what seems like a hundred viewings, just to be rejected from all of them.

While this can be very draining, it does come with its perks, as it means you’re now an expert in the student property market. You might be wondering how that could ever be of any use to you, but look no further as we’ve made a quiz that will allow you to show off all your knowledge.

It’s no secret that student house prices vary drastically depending on the city you’re in, with places like London and Edinburgh known for having expensive monthly rent for just a small flat.

In places like Sheffield and Leeds, on the other hand, you can get yourself a massive house with multiple bathrooms for half the price. Prices also dramatically change within a city itself, depending on where the property is and how nice it is inside. With all that in mind, let’s see if you can accurately guess the rent of these student houses from uni cities around the UK.

It’s time to do Christine proud.

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