These are the literal mansions you can get outside London for less than £800 a month

For £375 you can get a room in an eight bed house in Sheffield

There’s no denying that being a student in the capital comes with both its benefits and its drawbacks. At no other time in your life will you be able to live so care free in the centre of London, the whole world seemingly at your doorstep. Unfortunately, beyond the doorstep is where the fun stops, as no doubt you’ll be living in a cramped, mouse-infested flat, with five people sharing one toilet. To make matters worse, you’ll be paying eye-watering amounts to live in this shit hole, while your friends at other unis outside London post pictures of their aesthetic bay windows and fireplaces, and throw wild parties in the massive gardens of their mansions.

It’s not uncommon to hear London students forking out a staggering £800 a month in rent for a room that resembles the cupboard Harry Potter lived in. But what can the same get you in other university cities? We combed Rightmove to find the biggest and best student houses you can get outside London for less that £800 a month, and it’s honestly shocking.

Exeter: Nine bedroom townhouse with two kitchens for £700 a month

This stunning townhouse has a whopping nine double bedrooms and two kitchen areas, all spaced out over three floors. You can easily get into the city centre and Exeter Uni from the house, and there’s even a decent garden for you to throw garden parties in the summer.

A room in this house costs £700 a month which means it’s not the cheapest student house out there, but compared to what you’d get in London for the same amount it’s a steal.

Leeds: Three storey Victorian detached house for £400 a month

This gigantic house is within walking distance of Leeds Uni and has three kitchens, three bathrooms, two living rooms and eight double bedrooms. What’s even crazier than the prospect of having three kitchens to cook in, is the price of this place.

The total rent is just under £3,300 a month, making it just over £400 for a room. London could never.

Manchester: A Pinterest dream for £550 a month

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an aesthetic student house before. This house has six double bedrooms and a spacious open plan living area that honestly looks like one of those trendy hipster bars. Imagine the cute house pics you can take with backgrounds like that.

Even better, the house costs only £3,300 a month, which divided by the six bedrooms makes £550 each. An absolute bargain.

Nottingham: A luxurious en-suite room in a townhouse for £740 a month

This house doesn’t just have nine bedrooms, but it has nine en-suite double bedrooms all with TVs. Alongside the huge open plan living area, there’s also a separate study area and a “TV snug lounge”. I don’t really know what that means, but I want one.

Such luxurious living does come at a price, as the rent is £6,687 a month. Divide that by the nine rooms and that makes the cost £743 each, which isn’t actually that bad when you compare it to London.

Sheffield: A house with a hot tub for £375 a month

Yes you heard me right, this house comes with its very own hot tub. A student luxury like no other. In case you weren’t sold by the hot tub alone, this semi-detached house also has eight bedrooms, three bathrooms and a living room with a plasma screen TV. It’s even within 10 minutes walking distance from Sheffield Uni.

This house costs £3,000 a month, making it a mere £375 for a room. I know, I can’t believe it either.

Leicester: A historic house with a utility room for £410 a month

This huge three storey house has two bathrooms, a utility room, and an extra toilet downstairs which is perfect for when you have those house parties. All six of the bedrooms are doubles, and the house is within walking distance from De Montfort University.

All this for just £2,470 a month, which works out to just over £410 for a room. That’s double the size for half the price of most London flats.

Essex: A detached house with a cleaner for £510 a month

This four bed detached house has its own driveway to park your Fiat 500s in, as well as separate dining and living areas. Not only is there plenty of space for you to party in, but the rent even includes a monthly visit from a cleaner, as well as occasional garden maintenance.

The house costs £2,050 a month, making it £510 for a room. You definitely don’t get five star treatment in London for that price.

Birmingham: A designer house with a basement cinema for £650 a month

So we’ve definitely saved the best for last because this house is insane. It comes with seven double bedrooms all with TVs, three bathrooms, a large open plan living room AND a cinema room in the basement. The house also has two massive 75″ smart TVs, a cleaner included in the rent, and is a Google smart home. If you told me this was Molly-Mae’s new house, I’d believe you.

The best part is you can have a room in this house for just £650 a month. So who’s moving in with me?

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