Ranked: The 50 unis you should’ve gone to if you wanted an easy 2:1

Easy for you, maybe

As a hungover fresher, missing yet another 9am lecture, you’re always telling yourself “it’s ok, I only need a 2:1”. That sweet ignorance is quickly shattered into your first term of second year though, when you suddenly clock how difficult that 2:1 might actually be.

Uni’s all about balance after all, right? Who needs to come out with a first if you can come out with a nice group of mates, fun memories from all your nights out and a degree good enough to bag you a decent job.

Well, luckily for you, we’ve put together a list of the 50 unis where you’re most likely to get the holy 2:1.

Based on data from HESA, stats show the uni you should’ve gone to get an easy 2:1 is LSE – with 95 per cent of students bagging one. Failing that, it’s Durham. A classic insurance choice.

Maybe it’s easy there or maybe they only take smart, motivated people. Who knows – but if you want to play the odds, then it’s worth knowing the percentages.

These are the 50 unis you should have gone to if you wanted an easy 2.1:

Note: We excluded unis with under 500 graduates in a year, as HESA rounds totals to the nearest five and small totals can be distorted

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