These are the UK universities producing the most millionaires

Wish I knew this before tbh

Universities are typically ranked on a set of standard, frankly dull, criteria: grades, grad employment, progression rates etc etc. But what these ratings fail to account for is the all important metric – which UK universities are producing the most millionaires.

If you’ve got your sights set on the high life, well then you need to know exactly which UK universities are producing the most millionaires.

1. University of Oxford – 153 millionaires

No one’s surprised that, shock, Oxford tops the charts yet again. Producing a whopping 153 millionaires, Oxford is definitely a breeding ground for some serious wealth.

Just a handful of their extremely minted alumni include: Lewis Carroll, author of “Alice in Wonderland”, physicist Steven Hawking, and former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

We get it, you’re clever.

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2. University of Cambridge – 111 millionaires

Runner up to their biggest rivals, Cambridge is still producing a hefty number of millionaires – 111. Turns out the Oxbridge air really does have something in it.

Their alumni, arguably cooler than Oxford’s, includes our British gem of an icon Sir David Attenborough, actor Sacha Baron Cohen (AKA Borat) and Prince Charles (who definitely has a few more than millions stashed away).

3. Imperial College London – 78 millionaires

Claiming third place is Imperial College – home to those with a passion for science, engineering, medicine and business. Unsurprisingly, Imperial therefore boasts some of the wealthiest alumni in these fields.

Such include: former Prime Minister of India Rajiv Gandhi, businessman Fred Hassan, and entrepreneur Rajen Ruparell.

4. London School of Economics – 70 millionaires

Makes sense given the name, doesn’t it.

Despite only concentrating their teachings in a few subject areas, this university has still been able to produce 70 millionaires, some of which include former Labour leader Ed Milliband, former British Conservative MP Edwina Currie, and even Mick Jagger (for a short period of time).

5. University College London – 69 millionaires

UCL alumni Ricky Gervais would be quite amused with this number of millionaires, I’m sure. Turns out, despite producing extremely successful alumni due to their degree, a lot are actually in the entertainment business. Alongside Ricky there’s Coldplay singer Chris Martin and Charlie XCX.

I bet their house parties were wild.

6. University of Manchester – 69 millionaires

In joint place with UCL is the University of Manchester – tying in with another 69 millionaire alumni. Their list includes: actor Benedict Cumberbatch CBE, physicist and science communicator Brian Cox, and designer and architect Norman Foster.

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7. University of Bristol – 50 millionaires

Alongside their fair share of drum and bass DJ’s, Bristol uni is also producing a generous amount of millionaires (probably still not as many as DJ’s, though).

Rich alumni include TV presenter Susanna Reid, and comedians and actors David Walliams and Matt Lucas.

8. University of Edinburgh – 47 millionaires

Making its first Scottish debut in the list, the University of Edinburgh has quite the prestigious reputation. Comedian Michael McIntyre, racing driver and former track cyclist Chris Hoy, and author Philippa Gregory are just a few of the millionaires that went here.

9. University of Leeds – 38 millionaires

Turns out Leeds isn’t only good for its nightlife – its produced an impressive 38 millionaires. You may have caught a few of these alumni at a sneaky night-out before they made it big time: actor Chris Pine, Jamie Lang and lead singer of Bastille, Dan Smith.

jamie lang

10. The University of Birmingham – 37 millionaires

Swapping out their rooms in Tennis Courts for a more luxury lifestyle, 37 millionaires graduated from the University of Birmingham. Actress Tamsin Greig, actor Matthew Goode and presenter Chris Tarrant OBE all studied here.

11. University of Durham – 34 millionaires

Coming in at 11th place is Durham – which is actually surprisingly low for this top-tier uni. Despite this, they’ve still breeded an impressive 34 millionaires, including former “James Bond”, Roger Moore, musician Justin Chancellor, and journalist Jeremy Vine.

12. City University of London – 34 millionaires

If your grades didn’t quite scrape you into Durham, then do not worry. Turns out that City, University of London has still produced the same amount of millionaires. A handful of their millionaires include: founder of easyJet Stelios Haji-Ioannou, former CEO of Coca-Cola Muhtar Kent, and “Bridget Jones” director, Sharon Maguire.

13. Newcastle University – 34 millionaires

Geordie life might actually be the secret key to success – Mr Bean actor Rowan Atkinson, journalist Kate Adie CBE and royal Princess Eugenie all went here.

14. University of Nottingham – 30 millionaires

Boasting 30 millionaires is the University of Nottingham – although with Nottingham as their city, you can’t really blame them for focusing on their degree.

Founder of Wetherspoon, Tim Martin, head of MI6, Sir John Sawers, and actor Theo James all attended Notts.

15. University of Southampton – 25 millionaires

In 15th place we have the University of Southampton, home to excessive rats and the gift that is Manzil’s (hopefully not together).

Turns out, Southampton has produced an impressive 25 millionaires – including Formula One car designer and engineer Adrian Newey, musician and record producer Brian Eno, and former model Stella Tennant.

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