It’s official: These are 2021’s most Instagrammable UK university campuses

Gutted if yours didn’t make the cut


Every student thinks their uni is the best in some way – the funnest night-life, the coolest city, the best banter – and so on. However, if you think your uni is the most Instagrammable, turns out there is a definitive list to tell you otherwise.

It’s no lie that when you get to uni, your Insta feed goes from 0-100. All freshers flock to Instagram to proudly show off their new home away from home: whether that be in the form of a sunset pic over campus (if you insist) or a cheeky selfie with your mates outside a posh uni building (we’ve all done it).

International education provider analysed each of the UK’s 132 universities based on how many times they had been hashtagged in a post on Instagram. This way you can find out if you really did make the right uni choice.

It found that, shock, Oxford tops the charts (yet again) and is home to the most Instagrammable UK university campus. The uni raked up an impressive 326,439 posts – 100,000 more than the second place on the list. I guess if you’ve ended up at Oxford then you can’t blame yourself for wanting to show it off.

Alas, the rivalry continues and falling in at second place is the University of Cambridge with 223,484 Instagram posts, making Oxbridge the most Instagrammable Universities in the country.

Sneaking into the top five is LSE, UWE Bristol and Coventry Uni.

Here’s the full ranking of the top 10 most Instagrammable UK universities:

Following a strong showing for the Midlands, Birmingham sneaks in just behind Coventry at 93,578 posts.

University of Glasgow ranks as Scotland’s most Instagrammable university thanks to 92,624 posts putting it in seventh place, ahead of rival institutions University of Edinburgh (16th place, 57,282 posts) and St Andrews (58th place, 22,808 posts).

Newcastle University ranks eighth overall and as the North East’s most Insta-worthy campus with 83,466 posts, while the University of Leeds is the only Yorkshire institution to feature in the top ten, counting 81,397 posts.

University of Manchester places 10th in the rankings with 76,129 posts on Instagram.

80 per cent of the top 10most Instagrammable universities are part of the Russell Group, while some universities have not been tagged on Instagram at all, such as Royal Agricultural University or Leeds Trinity.

Guess it’s time to reconsider your uni choice then.

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