Who actually created the ‘Where are you from?’ TikTok audio?

No no no, where are you *from* from

Every time I go on TikTok I seem to hear the “Where are you from?” audio over and over again. If for some miraculous reason you haven’t heard it, it’s basically a man who repeatedly asks where a woman is from, unsatisfied with her answer every time. The woman gets more and more specific about the location until she names the exact hospital where she was born. Usually it’s accompanied by a video of someone who is being deliberately vague with the details of where they actually live.

This video, liked over 131k times, is captioned: “When you live just outside London.” As the audio plays, the man on screen goes from saying, “London” to “West London” before finally admitting, he’s actually from Slough.

@l1nzo #fyp #uk ♬ original sound – Netflix

But where does the “Where are you from?” audio *actually* comes from?

The audio is from a TV series called Chewing Gum

The TikTok sound is actually from a TV series written by Michaela Coel, who also wrote I May Destroy You.

Chewing Gum is a sitcom in which religious virgin Tracy (played by Coel) wants to have sex and learn about the world. And it turns out that the meaning of the scene from which the audio was taken, is very different to the way it is used on TikTok.

In the scene, a man probes Tracey on where she is originally from. When Tracey says London, he isn’t satisfied, because what he really wants to know is Tracey’s heritage.

@netflix 😑😑😑 #chewinggum #netflix ♬ original sound – Netflix

Tracey is confused wondering why the man wants to know the specific location of her birth, eventually revealing the hospital in which she was born (also in London). They’re basically just talking at cross purposes with the scene acting as a satire on casual racism.

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