This is where the ‘Are you new here?’ TikTok audio is actually from

This trend is pure Mean Girls energy

I keep seeing videos all over my TikTok FYP with someone miming the words, “Are you new here?” before walking away. Usually there’s another person in the videos, who may be new to something or who simply hasn’t got the memo on how they’re meant to be acting in a specific scenario.

In this hilarious TikTok, one person is dressed as a Christmas Tree, miming the words “Are you new here?” as the following text appears on the screen: “When it’s your brother’s gf’s first Christmas at your house and she’s not dressed festive enough.”

We then cut to presumably the “brother’s gf” who didn’t isn’t in fancy dress. She says, “yeah,” before the Christmas Tree struts away.

@rachelspicer_ At least ur top is elf @emmagowans7 u can stay xx #fy #chintok #denise #denisemademedoit #xyzbca #newhere ♬ original sound – 💞Love y’all 💞

In this TikTok, one person comes to the sad realisation she isn’t the baby of the family anymore.

@lizziewithanienotay Dont worry stinky we can still be best friends #babiesoftiktok #MyPlayoffPicks ♬ original sound – 💞Love y’all 💞

These videos are clocking up thousands of likes and views, but where does the audio actually come from?

The original ‘Are you new here?’ TikTok video has 3m likes

@angelacooley5 New mean girls? #foryou #fyp #foryoupage #CinderellaMovie #meangirls #ArmaniMyWay ♬ original sound – Angela Cooley

The original TikTok was posted by @angelacooley5 and it is pure Mean Girls energy. In the video, one girl pirouettes into the room asking if the person behind the camera is new here. She responds with a “yeah” before the other girl frowns and dances out the room, sending the cameraperson into fits of laughter. It’s the laughter that makes it, for me.

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