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Don’t Look Up may be terrible but these 21 memes about it sure aren’t

Leo is basically just Leonard from the Big Bang Theory

Don’t Look Up is Netflix’s latest blockbuster film full of satire and an incredible cast including Leonardo DiCaprio, Cate Blanchett and Meryl Streep. The movie tells the story of two scientists trying to convince the world a deadly comet is heading towards Earth. Whilst the film has received mixed reviews one thing that cannot be argued with is how hilarious the Don’t Look Up memes people have been making on Twitter are.

Don’t Look Up was first released on 24th December and has been staying firmly in the top 10 over the last two weeks. It is over two hours long and features Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawerence as scientists who attempt to tell the president, media and celebrities about a deadly comet – only to be met with disbelief and disregard.

It’s meant to be a satire for how our world is currently dealing with the climate crisis aka by burying our heads in the sand. Whilst some have praised the film for its approach others were unimpressed. Easily the most impressive thing about Don’t Look Up was the A-List cast who have been the subject of many memes on Twitter. People have been comparing the cast to TV characters or real life events.

These are the 21 funniest memes about Don’t Look Up:

1. Honestly twins

2. Too true

3. Iconic

4. Why are they so intense?

5. I wonder…

6. The most realistic part of the movie

7. I know her

8. Wait she’s not called Ribena?

9. LOL

10. Basically

11. HAhahha

12. This

13. The real Dr Mindy

14. She’s not the best

15. The accuracy

16. Truly hellish

17. The power

18. Dead

19. Loving her look

20. A goddess walks among us

21. Ok but why am I weirdly obsessed with them?

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