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This is where you recognise the cast of Netflix’s The Silent Sea from

Squid Game fans will know one familiar face in particular

K-dramas have been popping off this year – whether you like gritty sci-fi, dystopian drama or soap operas, there’s something to satisfy everyone’s binge-watching needs. Squid Game was by far the most successful, with millions of us watching the sickening events unfold on the Korean series. But new series The Silent Sea is threatening to take over as the most popular K-drama of 2021.

The Silent Sea was released on Christmas Eve – and people are finding it intense. The writers created it as a spin-off to lesser known 2014 film The Sea Of Tranquility. It’s set in a dystopian future, disturbingly close to the present day. Climate change has seriously reduced the supply of food and drink, and a team of space agents travel to the moon as a last ditch attempt to bring back a deadly “sample”.

Everything feels a bit too *real*, and there are twists and turns along the way. But before we get too attached to each member of The Silent Sea cast, let’s find out exactly where you recognise them from:

Doctor Song Ji-an – Bae Doona

bae doona

Photo via Netflix

This space doctor is determined to find out exactly what kind of dodginess is going down at the lunar research station. But IRL, Bae Doona is a huge international film actress. Though originally from Seoul, she’s starred in both Korean and English-speaking films and TV shows – including Cloud Atlas, Jupiter Ascending and Sense8.

K-drama enthusiasts will definitely recognise her as Kim Jeong-ah from crime drama The Drug King, as well as hits like Gloria and Stranger.

Han Yoon-jae – Gong Yoo

gong yoo

Photo via Netflix

Han Yoon-jae is a central character to the entire story. The rogue agent is the first guy who decides to find out what the hell is going on in that moon base, and how it’s making everyones lives so much worse. But heartthrob Gong Yoo is actually a big star over in South Korea, with tons of impressive roles under his belt.

You might remember him as Seok-woo from the terrifying Train To Busan, as well as the scary recruiter from Squid Game. He played a leading role in K-drama Guardian: The Lonely and Great God as well as a member of the Yakuza in 2005 film Like A Dragon.

Lieutenant Ryoo Tae-seok – Lee Joon

lee joon

Photo via Netflix

This former member of the elite could’ve had everything he wanted, but decides to join the mission in an attempt to escape the crushing power structures of this dystopian future. The guy who plays him – Lee Joon – is less of a military member, more of an actor, singer, model and DJ.

Before making moves in the film and TV industry, he released four albums as a member of the band MBLAQ. He’s also voice acted in films like Gnomeo and Juliet and Seoul Station.

Doctor Hong Ga-Young – Kim Sun-young

the silent sea netflix cast

Photo via Netflix

Doctor Hong Ga-Young is a trusted member of the mission, and the actress who plays her has been starring in films and TV shows since 1995. K-drama lovers will know her from classics like Three Sisters, Herstory and The Day I Died: Unclosed Case.

She was also a mainstay in South Korean family drama Homemade Love Story between 2020 and 2021.

Kim Jae-sun – Heo Sung-tae

squid game silent sea

Photo via Netflix

Heo Sung-tae plays an established member of the elite in The Silent Sea – and his list of credits isn’t bad either. He starred in Squid Game as the terrifying contestant Jang Deok-su, quickly becoming one of the breakout actors of the series.

He’s been nominated for a number of awards, having also featured in K-dramas like Racket Boys, Beyond Evil and Watcher.

The Silent Sea is available to stream on Netflix now.

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