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Meet the cast of Netflix’s new Harlan Coben series ‘Stay Close’

Yes that is Will’s mum from The Inbetweeners


Netflix is back with another psychological thriller inspired by the work of crime writer Harlan Coben. This time it’s a series called Stay Close which features the intertwining lives of four characters who all have secrets to keep. If that isn’t enough to grab your attention then maybe the stellar cast of Richard Armitage, Cush Jumbo and James Nesbitt will.

The eight part series was released on 31st December and is an adaptation of Harlan Coben’s novel of the same name. Harlan Coben’s works have already been adapted into successful Netflix series including The Stranger, The Woods and Safe as part of a five year deal with Netflix.

Stay Close follows the lives of four characters who are linked. Megan is a working mum getting on with her life, Ray is a failed documentary maker and Jack is a detective haunted by an old case. Megan’s old friend Lorraine shows up and shares a secret that impacts all of their lives.

The cast for Stay Close is pretty impressive and features Cush Jumbo, James Nesbitt, Sarah Parish and Richard Armitage who has already appeared in a Netflix adaptation of Coben’s work last year.

This is everything you need to know about the cast of Netflix’s Stay Close:

Ray – Richard Armitage

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Richard Armitage has already been in a Netflix adaptation of Harlan Coben’s novels when he appeared in The Stranger last year as Adam Price.

Apart from The Stranger Richard is best known for his role in The Hobbit series as Thorin. He’s also appeared in the TV series Spooks, Hannibal and The Vicar of Dibley. Talk about range.

In Stay Close Richard Armitage will be playing the character of Ray, a failed documentary maker who now works as a paparazzi photographer.

Megan – Cush Jumbo OBE

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Olivier Award nominated Cush Jumbo OBE takes on the role of Megan Shaw in Stay Close. Megan is a working mum who appears to have the perfect life until someone from her past turns up.

Cush has been acting since 2007 and is best known for her roles in The Good Wife and the Good Fight. She’s also appeared in the series Vera and Torchwood.

Jack – James Nesbitt

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James Nesbitt is one of the main characters in Stay Close and takes on the role of Jack Broome. Jack is a detective who cannot stop thinking about a case from years past.

James has been a regular feature on British TV for the last 20 years. He’s starred in Cold Feet, The Missing and Bloodlands.

He’s also starred in The Hobbit films alongside Richard Armitage as the character Bofur.

Lorraine – Sarah Parish

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Lorraine is an old mysterious acquaintance of Megan’s who turns up in Stay Close and she’s played by Sarah Parish.

Sarah Parish has been acting since the mid 90s and has appeared in Cutting It, Broadchurch, Trollied, Medici and Bancroft.

Most notably of all Sarah was the woman in The Holiday who is smoking at the Telegraph Christmas party telling Kate Winslet to get a grip – a true icon.

Erin – Jo Joyner

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Yes it is indeed Tanya from Eastenders. Jo Joyner joins the cast of Stay Close as detective Erin working alongside James Nesbitt’s character.

Jo is most well known for her role as Tanya in Eastenders but she’s also appeared in a number of TV shows including Ackley Bridge, Mount Pleasant and Be Lucky.

Fester – Youssef Kerkour

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Youssef Kerkour will be taking on the role of Fester in Netflix’s Stay Close.

Youssef has most recently appeared in Sex Education, House of Gucci and the Gavin and Stacey 2019 Christmas special.

Harry – Eddie Izzard

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Eddie Izzard is in Stay Close as a lawyer called Harry.

Eddie has been in the public eye since the 1980s when she first began her career as a comedian. Since then she’s been in a variety of acting projects making appearances in TV, films and on the stage.

She’s also taken on the incredible task of running marathons for charity. In 2009 she completed 43 marathons in 51 days for Sport Relief.

Dave – Daniel Francis

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Daniel Francis is most well known for his role in the series Small Axe and Once Upon a Time.

He’s joining the cast of Stay Close as the character of Dave who is the husband of Megan.

Simona – Andi Osho

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Andi Osho is most well known for her role as Gail Vella in Line of Duty and Carrie in Michaela Coel’s I May Destroy You.

Andi stars in three episodes of Stay Close as Simona. Simona is an ex army sergeant whose partner has gone missing whilst she is eight months pregnant.

Sarah – Belinda Stewart-Wilson

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Yes the icon who played Will’s mum in The Inbetweeners features in Stay Close. Belinda Stewart-Wilson is most well known from her role in The Inbetweeners but she’s also starred in Casualty, The Evermoor Chronicles and Sicknote.

In Stay Close Belinda plays the role of Sarah Green whose husband Stewart Green has been missing for 17 years.

Shelley – Rachael Elizabeth

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Rachael Elizabeth is most well known for appearing on Coronation Street. Over the years she’s appeared on the show in two different roles. First as Abi Sharpe in 2007 and Vanessa Finney in 2020.

She stars in one episode of Stay Close as Megan’s friend Shelley at her bachelorette party.

Stay Close will be available on Netflix from December 31st. For all the latest Netflix news, drops, quizzes and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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