best christmas meal deals 2021

Using science, I definitively ranked 2021’s best Christmas meal deals

Don’t worry, I’ve only included Waitrose once x

I always look forward to *that one day* every December. I think mostly because of how deeply it unites us all. Families come together, sworn enemies have historically made peace and, truly, no matter how awfully the year has turned out, we’ll always have the one day to put it all aside. It’s one of the purest, most sacred things we’ve managed to retain as a species. 

Christmas? Lol, no. I’m talking about the day Christmas meal deals drop in supermarkets. But which are the best Christmas meal deals of 2021?

Every year major chains fight it out to come up with the tastiest seasonal cold snack. This year was no different, with absolutely everyone releasing “pigs under blankets” sandwiches and coming up with the most elaborate ways to turn a classic chicken and stuffing affair into something sumptuous. 

So let’s dig into this very vital list, and find out which Christmas meal deal of 2021 I ranked at number one. 

10. Morrisons Boxing Day turkey curry wrap 

morrisons turkey curry wrap best christmas meal deals

I’m a long-time hater of a shitty coronation chicken sandwich – sultanas and all. As soon as I read that the sauce was the same slimy, fruity coronation gloop, I was terrified. I really didn’t want to hate it.

And you know what? I didn’t!! This densely-packed wrap has pretty much everything you need in a tasty lunch. The turkey is plentiful, the sauce is creamy and thick (and not a dried fruit in sight, thank god), the coleslaw gives it a much-needed crunch and the pickled red onion is a nice (if slightly tasteless) touch. 

I’ll have to knock off some points because I really believe this is a bit of a Christmas joke. I’d eat this for lunch all year round, but I just don’t get the same festive feeling as I would when chowing down on a plate of actual turkey curry. 6/10

Ideal meal deal combo: This wrap with Quavers and a bottle of Tropicana.

9. M&S Plant Kitchen No-Beef Wellington Roll

m&s best meal deal

Photo via M&S

As a vegetarian (who eats chicken and fish x) even I thought the idea of a plant-based beef sandwich sounded pretty foul. I’ve been burnt before by vegan meal replacements, but this from M&S was actually so tasty.

It tasted a bit like a pulled pork sandwich, and I’m such a sucker for a crusty roll. The red cabbage was also a nice touch. Again, not sure a beef wellington really reminds me of a cozy Christmas dinner, but I’m definitely not complaining. 7.5/10

Ideal meal deal combo: The welly roll with M&S’ own jalapeño nachos with a can of blood orange San Pellegrino – only if you’re feeling fancy.

8. Sainsbury’s Pigs In Blankets Sushi

sainsburys pigs in blankets sushi

Photo via Sainsburys

It shouldn’t work. It looks disgusting. A million authentic sushi makers around the world are cursing the British rn – but somehow this is probably my guilty pleasure cold snack of the year. The crunchiness of the coating goes amazingly with the softness of that sausage and rice. Dip one of these bad boys in some soy sauce and you’re golden! 6.5/10

Ideal meal deal combo: These snowy California rolls with a salt and vinegar McCoys grab bag and a bottle of Fanta fruit twist.

7. Tesco Yorkshire Pudding Wrap

tesco wrap best christmas meal deals 2021

Photo via Tesco

Unsurprisingly, Tesco was the only supermarket to boldly go where no food outlet has gone before. It’s a YORKSHIRE. PUDDING. WRAP. Usually reserved for hot hog roast stands at Winter Wonderland (or your local equivalent), Tesco made these available from their hot counter, and tbh I’m hoping they’ll start selling it all year round. Pair this with some takeaway gravy and you’d be good to go. Without a doubt one of the best Christmas meal deals of 2021. 7.5/10

Ideal meal deal combo: Have this hot sandwich with a bag of ready salted walkers (don’t want to overwhelm the *flavour* of the wrap) and a bottled Starbucks cold frap.

6. Boots Festive Triple Sandwich

boots triple sandwich best christmas meal deals 2021

Photo via Boots

Boots was once the height of Christmas meal deal innovation – but let’s be honest, they peaked in 2019. Does anyone else remember when they made a vegan salmon sandwich out of carrots?

Their overall offering was pretty lacklustre this year, but I’ve always been a fiend for their staple triple sandwich. They didn’t switch the sandwich selection up too much in this trio, but they wisely went with their well-loved old favourites. Pairing pear chutney with a ham salad was a genius move – and who doesn’t love a cheese and pickle? Proud of Boots for sticking to their guns. 7/10

Ideal meal deal combo If you’re not full from chain-eating three densely packed sandwiches, why not go all out with a bag of Walkers Max (paprika flavour) and a can of classic Coke.

5. Waitrose Salmon, Egg and Truffle Sandwich

waitrose christmas sandwich

Photo via Waitrose

Ebenezer Waitrose have been seriously uncreative this year, I have to say. Why am I having to pay twice as much for a turkey sandwich I could enjoy for two quid at Aldi?

However, the saving grace has to be that salmon and egg sandwich. Probably not the most public transport-appropriate snack in the world, but feel free to enjoy in the confines of your own kitchen. Usually egg sandwiches make me want to gag, but this was pretty good! So, inevitably, Waitrose is still in with the best Christmas meal deals of 2021. Gutted. 7.5/10

Ideal meal deal combo: I reckon this will almost definitely give you bad breath after eating. So why not go for broke? Cheese and onion Hula Hoops and a can of Dr. Pepper.

4. Aldi Turkey and Pigs Under Blankets Bloomer

aldi christmas sandwich

Photo via Aldi

Yup, Aldi pretty much won the battle of the turkey feast sandies this year. Did I mention I *love* a densely packed sandwich? After feeling pretty disappointed with the state of today’s so-called “turkey with all the trimmings” snacks, Aldi came through for me with a meal deal fiend’s dream.

The highlight for me has to be the cranberry sauce. I got so tired of supermarkets thinly spreading their own-brand jam on these snacks and calling it a cranberry condiment. Sorry?? It just isn’t. Sufficed to say this sandwich has real cranberries in it, as well as some sausages, streaky bacon and tons of turkey. 8/10

Ideal meal deal combo: Just one of these sandwiches alongside some salt and vinegar Walkers and a bottle of Sprite.

3. Pret Brie, Cranberry and Pistachio Baguette

pret christmas baguette

Photo via Pret

Unpopular opinion incoming: I’m not a huge fan of a Pret baguette. There!! I said it.

Usually I find them a bit greasy and I struggle to eat an entire one. I have to say though, this sandwich actually got me in the spirit. The cheese was creamy, the cranberries were REAL and the salad was a light palette cleanser. Nice touch with the toasted almonds too. Definitely deserves to be up there with the best Christmas meal deals of 2021.

Ideal meal deal combo: Sweet and salt popcorn with a chai latte.

2. M&S Naughty and Spice Turkey Feast Roll

m&s turkey roll

Photo via M&S

This has to be the best non-Christmas dinner related turkey sandwich out there this year. Finally, some seasonings!

I know it’s slightly spenny, but every mouthful is sheer joy – trust me on this. Like the Morrisons curry wrap, I’d probably eat this every day for lunch. It’s got sauce, spice, crunch, creaminess and everything in between. Need I say more? 9/10

Ideal meal deal combo: Again, why not get all bougie while we’re here. When in Rome, right? Pair this up with a bag of veg crisps and their own (less nice) version of Coca Cola for maximum impact.

1. Costa Bacon, Mac and Cheese Toastie

costa christmas toastie

Photo via Costa

The reigning queen of the Christmas sandwiches this year HAS to be Costa. Their Christmas drinks were way better than Starbucks’, by the way.

I’m a big lover of carbs on carbs, and while I usually think making a pasta sandwich is absolutely grim, there’s just something so sexy about eating mac and cheese inside two slices of bread that I had to try it for myself. 9.5/10

Ideal meal deal combo: Though Costa sadly doesn’t offer meal deals – my ideal one would have to be this god-tier sandwich, plus a Quality Street toffee penny latte and a Terry’s chocolate orange muffin. Without a doubt, this would be the best Christmas meal deal of 2021. Ball’s in your court, Costa huns.

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