Get ready to sparkle, shine, and get full marks on this Nativity lyrics quiz

‘Things are really coooooool in Nazareth’

I would quite honestly walk down the aisle to the dulcet tones of “she’s the brightest star I’ve ever seen (brightest staaaar)” from Nativity. I will announce the birth of my children with Good News, and I will sing “things are really coooooool in Nazareth” every day until the day I die. Put simply: Nativity is the best film ever made, and every single song from it is an iconic banger, full of some of the most profound lyrics of all time and worthy of a Brit award.

But I hate to break it to you, Nativity came out over a decade ago (feel old yet?), and a decade is a very long time. Only a Nativity superfan would watch it on the reg every single Christmas without fail, and would still remember all the song lyrics without fail. Do you know the difference between One Look and One Night, One Moment? Do you remember anything past the intro of Nazareth? Did you even know it’s called that and not Things Are Really Cool In Nazareth? I bet you didn’t.

So go on, do Mr Poppy and Mr Maddens proud, channel your inner Bob, and take this Nativity lyrics quiz to see how many of the iconic songs you remember:

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