Quiz: Can you guess the Christmas film from the minor character?

There’s no chance you’ll get 7/10

Christmas films have produced some quality characters over the years from Hugh Grant’s classic portrayal of the prime minister, to Matt Hancock’s depiction of the title character in How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Obvs that last bit isn’t true, but if you had to pick a role for him, it would almost certainly be The Grinch.

But aside from the classic Christmas characters we know and love, there are many we may have forgot. Enter: the minor characters. These people are the bread and butter of every Christmas film, often only having a few moments on screen, but using those vital seconds to really stitch the whole film together.

We’ve asked you to name the Christmas film based on one screenshot. We’ve also asked you if you can guess the Christmas song based on an AI generated image. Now, we want to know one more thing. Can you guess the Christmas film from the minor character? Take this quiz to find out.


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