Did Rena from Selling Tampa on Netflix ever start her own brokerage?

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The first season of Selling Tampa on Netflix has provided a lot of drama. We were introduced to the women of Allure Realty in Florida, their wild personal lives and the huge listings they deal with in their day to day work. One of the main storylines in the first season of Selling Tampa has been real estate agent Rena and her decisions with how she wants to continue her career.

During the series, after the Allure agents were told their commission rates were dropping, Rena Frazier had spoken about getting her Broker Associate licence and wanting to use this to start her own brokerage. She even viewed a potential office space and had on the down-low talks with her colleagues, Anne-Sophie and Colony, about if they’d leave Allure behind and join her company.

So, what’s the latest on Rena’s decision?

Did Rena Frazier from Selling Tampa on Netflix ever start her own brokerage?

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Ok so did Rena from Selling Tampa actually start her own brokerage?

The series focused a lot on Rena feeling under appreciated by Sharelle Rosado and Allure. The series ended without showing what had happened in Rena’s dilemma, and we never found out if she did start her own brokerage, and recruit Anne-Sophie and Colony.

It looks as though Rena is still an employee at Allure, but has (sort of) started her own company, or at least began to do some independent work alongside Allure. Rena now has her own website, and the office listed as her location is different to the Allure office (it’s 10 minutes up the road, yikes). However, the website contains the Allure logo, and Rena is still registered as a member of staff there. Rena is listed as a Broker Associate at Allure Realty, which means she is more highly qualified and typically earns more than other real estate agents.

Allure is still listed as Rena’s current employee on LinkedIn and she still regularly posts about the company on Instagram. She was posted on the company’s Instagram just this month, too – so it doesn’t look like she’s going anywhere.


Rena does however have her own things going on, and has her own design company! She founded Greycliff Interiors LLC in 2020. According to her website: “While Real Estate law has always been a passion for Rena, she has equally enjoyed the design and realised that it was the missing piece to her puzzle. Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, an American Architect known for changing how we build and live, Rena created her legacy. In 2020, she launched Greycliff Interiors, LLC, a design firm that helps her clients design their new homes and stage their properties to get the highest price possible.” That may explain the extra office space!

And you don’t need to worry about the incoming downfall of Allure, there’s no evidence Anne-Sophie or Colony are going anywhere either. Phew. Now, season two please?

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