Meet Sharelle Rosado: The owner of Allure Realty in Selling Tampa on Netflix

She’s Florida’s equivalent to Jason Oppenheim

It’s official: The Selling Sunset spin-off is here. If there’s one thing we absolutely need to distract us from the world right now it’s more gorgeous huge houses and drama, so getting Selling Tampa yet again proves Netflix always has our backs. Selling Tampa is exactly the same premise as Sunset, but this time it’s based in Florida and follows Sharelle Rosado and her business, Allure Reality.

Allure Reality sells gorgeous beachy houses in Florida’s Suncoast and Sharelle is the equivalent to Jason Oppenheim. Sounds perfect, right? Here’s everything you need to know about Sharelle Rosado, the face of Allure Reality in new Selling Tampa on Netflix.

A full profile of Sharelle Rosado the owner of Allure Realty in Selling Tampa on Netflix

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Sharelle is 34 and the owner of Allure Reality on Selling Tampa

Sharelle Rosado is 34, she was born in October 1987. She grew up in Alabama and has two siblings. Sharelle launched Allure Reality back in 2019 and it is now one of the best known real estate companies in America. Despite only being around for a couple of years, Allure Realty has already received awards and recognition — it was even nominated for the “Best Real Estate Company” honour in 2021.

According to CNBC, Sharelle wasn’t short of offers to turn her company into a TV show, but originally she was worried about how her all-Black and female workforce may be stereotyped. So instead, she decided to DM the producer of Selling Sunset on Twitter and Selling Tampa was born.

A full profile of Sharelle Rosado the owner of Allure Realty in Selling Tampa on Netflix

via Instagram @sharellerosado_

According to Sharelle’s website: “As founder and CEO of Allure Realty, Sharelle Rosado’s compelling drive and growing reputation has led her to become one of Florida’s top producing real estate agents. Sharelle founded luxury real estate firm Allure Realty in 2019, opening its first location in Tampa Bay, Florida.”

Sharelle has a degree in Human Resources and was in the army before starting in real estate and Selling Tampa

Sharelle is a retired army paratrooper OEF veteran. She was deployed to Afghanistan twice before retiring on medical grounds after serving for 13 years. Then, Sharelle found her passion for real estate. On Allure’s website it adds that Sharelle has five years experience as a real estate agent and broker in the Tampa Bay Area.

Sharelle’s career started in 2007 when she worked in the US Army as an Executive Administrative Assistant, where she stayed for for six years. Then, in 2015, Sharelle graduated from the University of Maryland University College with a BBA in Human Resources Management and Services.

She joined the army after giving birth to her oldest daughter, when she was aged 19. Sharelle was on active duty for nearly 13 years, including her two deployments to Afghanistan. Sharelle also spent four years, between 2013 and 2017, in a HR role in the army, before retiring from the army medically and starting to work in real estate in 2017. In 2019, she opened Allure Realty and starting taking on agents around the Tampa Bay area.

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She is engaged to an NFL star and they’re expecting their first baby

Sharelle is engaged to former NFL player and Dancing with the Stars contestant Chad Johnson. He came in fourth place on the show. The pair reportedly started dating in 2020, but apparently knew of each other for several years before. On the I Am Athlete podcast, Sharelle said: “I slid in his DMs. We used to tell the joke was, we met off Christian Mingle, but I actually slid in his DMs.”

Chad proposed six months into their relationship and Sharelle found out she was pregnant with their child whilst filming for Selling Tampa. It’s their first child as a couple, but Sharelle’s fourth and Chad’s eighth child.

A full profile of Sharelle Rosado the owner of Allure Realty in Selling Tampa on Netflix

via Instagram @sharellerosado_

Sharelle has a pretty impressive net worth already, and that’s before Selling Tampa has taken off

Sharelle is widely reported as one of the wealthiest realtors in the world. According to reports her net worth is somewhere between a huge $6-$8million. She’s not quite as rich as the Oppenheim Group twins, but this is just the start!

Sharelle has 136k followers on Instagram

Right now, Sharelle has 136k followers on Instagram – but that is very much expected to rise with the popularity of Selling Tampa. She shares loads of pictures of her and the other Allure girls and even a few with the Selling Sunset girls! Her handle is @sharellerosado_.

via Instagram @sharellerosado_

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