Inside the fancy Instagrams of the cast of Selling Tampa on Netflix

How do I get in on this life?

Selling Tampa is exactly what we all needed and so much more right now. The houses on it are equally as gorgeous as those on Selling Sunset and the drama is, dare I say it, perhaps even more intense. So, if we’re expecting to get just as invested in this show as Selling Sunset (we definitely are) – the girls of Allure Realty are going to feel like our besties very soon. We’re going to need to know everything there is to know about the girls of Selling Tampa – and a quick look at and follow of their Instagrams is a good place to start.

Yes, before you go and stalk, their Instagrams are exactly what you would expect from a cast member of a show like Selling Tampa. They’re full of glamorous outfits, expensive looking events and loads of pictures of listings you could only ever imagine one day living in.

Here are all the Instagrams belonging to the cast of Selling Tampa on Netflix.


Handle: @sharellerosado_

via Instagram @sharellerosado_

Right now, out of all the Instagrams of the Selling Tampa cast, boss Sharelle has the most followers with 147k. She describes herself as a luxury real estate broker and the CEO of Allure Realty. At the moment her feed is mainly promo for the show, but before she usually posts loads of swanky, boss-looking pictures of herself and pictures with her fellow cast members. She even has a few of her hanging out with the Selling Sunset cast!


Handle: @annesophiepf

The Instagrams of all the cast of Selling Tampa on Netflix, Anne-Sophie

via Instagram @annesophiepf

Right now, Anne-Sophie has 15k Instagram followers. She says in her bio she’s a top producing realtor and luxury agent. Her pictures reflect a lot of what she’s like in the show too, her feed is full of fun pictures of her out at events wearing gorgeous outfits. It’s a vibe.


Handle: @colonyreeves

Colony Reeves

via Instagram @colonyreeves

Ok, Colony’s Instagram is gorgeous. Think loads of pictures of her out and about in the Florida sun and looking glam at work. I want this life. Her bio says she works in Tampa Bay real estate and is a USF alumna. Colony currently has just over 14k followers.


Handle: @renafrazier

Rena Frazier

via Instagram @renafrazier

Rena has just under 5k followers on Instagram, and keeps her feed very professional. It’s full of sleek pictures of her in her workwear, graphics about real estate, lots of promo for the show and pictures with her friends and family.


Handle: @thealexiscwilliams

The Instagrams of all the cast of Selling Tampa on Netflix, Alexis Williams

via Instagram @thealexiscwilliams

Alexis has 5.7k followers at the moment. Her bio describes her as a luxury realtor and her feed is mainly selfies, a few pics of her and her laptop and pictures of her and her husband.


Handle: @karlagiorgio_

The Instagrams of all the cast of Selling Tampa on Netflix, Karla Giorgio

via Instagram @karlagiorgio_

Karla’s Instagram bio shares that she is a vegan, and has a link to a separate account where you can buy items of clothing she’s worn. She’s listed herself as a public figure and a luxury realtor. Right now she has just under 10k followers and her feed is mainly selfies and pictures with her family.


Handle: @tennillemoore_

Tennille Moore

via Instagram @tennillemoore_

Just like her personality on the show, Tennille’s Instagram is a direct reflection of how outspoken she is. Every other post is about her closing on deals, because you know, she does that A LOT. Her bio also says she is a certified credit repair specialist and the CEO of a credit repair company. She has 5k followers and pretty much just posts pictures of herself dotted between details of her listings.


Handle: @juawanacolbert

The Instagrams of all the cast of Selling Tampa on Netflix, Juawana Colbert

via Instagram @juawanacolbert

Juawana’s Instagram finally clarifies what role she has in the Allure office, with her bio stating she is a real estate agent and office manager. She currently has 8.5k followers and is a big fan of a professional headshot and gorgeous pictures of listings.

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