Quiz: Only a true expert could guess the university from the AI generated artwork

You deserve to be back in GCSE art if you don’t get full marks in this

Recently, TikTok FYPs up and down the country have been transformed into works of art. No, it’s not because we collectively all finally left beaning-Tok – it’s because we’ve all discovered this new AI thats generates artwork based on the words and phrases you input into it.

It’s pretty cool – The Tab has already used it to bring you Christmas songs in the form of AI generated art, and if you want to see how it works you can click here (once you’ve taken the quiz in this article, obvs). But now people on TikTok are using the AI to generate art based on their uni – so I obviously had to put in a load of uni names from around the country and see what happened.

The AI generated art may be cool but it is also, well, incredibly abstract. You’ve got to really think outside the box for this one – but hey, you’re at uni, so critical thinking is what you do best, right?

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